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original art

I hate having a cold, don’t you?

I wish I had some garage sale treasures to show you this morning, but last Tuesday morning I woke up with a very sore throat. After two days of that, I started sneezing for the next three. After that, it was and is a cough.

I am a very impatient patient.

I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t feel well enough to do anything but I did decide to check out some of my pictures.  I found lots of projects I’ve never posted. So that’s what I did.

This first is a painting I created a couple of years ago.It was fun because it was a collage. I designed the paper years ago by dropping and smearing paint on typing paper. I still have a large stash for future projects. The paint is ordinary acrylic paint, the kind you use for crafts projects. I mixed glitter in with some of the paint for the sand.


Original painting


The sparkle in the sand is craft paint with glitter added. The ocean and waves are done in the same acrylic paint.

Original painting


Original painting


These next two pictures show me experimenting with some of the torn papers. The dark paper is going to be used for the mountains. You can see the beginning of the sun here in the top right-hand corner. Some of the paper I cut with scissors, others I tore.

Original painting


You can see the mountains are finished. Depending which way you tear paper determines whether or not any of the “deckling” (the underside white paper) shows up or not. In the case of some of the mountains, I wanted the paper to show so it would represent snow on the mountains.

Original painting


Brushes aren’t the only tools for painting as you can see. Hands and fingers are great “brushes”. Original painting


original art

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little art “lesson”. Many of the paintings in my home are my originals. Now that I have more time, I’d like to get back to my art.

God bless and have a good day.


twin towers

Do you remember where you were?

My husband and I had taken a wonderful trip out west. We visited Arizona, Montana, and New Mexico.

We were ending our trip and had booked a hotel room near the airport as we had a morning flight. We arrived at the airport and noticed people weren’t bustling around. They were gathered around televisions throughout the airport.

We joined one of the crowds to see what the commotion was all about. We asked someone what had happened. They said that a plane had run into one the Twin Towers in New York City. We talked with a few people and were planning on heading to our gate when people started shouting, “Another plan has run into the other tower!”

It was just minutes after that, the announcement was made that New York had been hit by terrorists and we had to evacuate immediately.

Remember, we had no place to go. We had already checked out.

But my husband, being the smart and resourceful person he is, he immediately called the hotel and checked us back in. We were there for three more days. We met a lot of people who were also stranded. It was a time of bonding with strangers. We tried to rent a car but the car rentals were gouging people.

We tried to rent a car but the car rentals were gouging people. Again, my husband being the resourceful person he is and not to be missed with, got the name of some “higher-ups” and threatened to cancel their contract with the company he worked for then. Technically, he had no real authority to threaten them but they didn’t know that. It worked. We got our rental and headed home.

The drive home took about three days and it was really something. Almost every highway overpass had an American flag handing down. A time of remembrance was announced and when the time came we stopped at a rest stop and everyone who was there observed these moments. No one said a word,   and there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere. People got into their cars and quietly pulled out.

It was a somber trip home but what an inspiring one as towns displayed their flags and everywhere you stopped, people weren’t afraid to show their tears. It was such a time of “coming together” as Americans.

I remember that and I feel so sad when I see all the bickering on TV, FB, Twitter, etc. now and remember how we came together then.

Why does it always have to be a tragedy?

Why can’t we behave this way?

I’m afraid I have no answers. Just a memory of a time when we all knew we were in this together.

God bless.

scared about the future

Do you ever get scared about the future?

Do you ever get scared about the future?

All the “what ifs”?

What if “this” happens?

What if “that” happens?

I have to be honest. Even though I’ve been a Christian most of my adult life, if I allow my mind to project into the future far enough, I get scared, really scared.

I fear losing the people I love. Not necessarily through death but in any way that takes people away from me. I wonder how I would survive.

Would I survive?

And yet I have. While my mom’s death continues to make me sad, while it has brought to light some areas I need to focus on, I have survived.

And when I feel that way, I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m looking into the future and not accounting for the fact that God is already there. When the time comes,

He will provide.

He will equip.

He will sustain.

It’s what I wrote about last week when I said that sometimes we live so much in the present we forget that the future we worried about yesterday, is here today. And God has been there right along, in the past, the present, and will be in the future.

Said another way, “Today is the future I worried about yesterday.”

I have such great admiration for people who step out and move in faith without having a clue what the future holds.

Anyway, if you are fearful about tomorrow, I’m not going to tell you not to be. We probably all have reasons to be afraid of something. Don’t berate yourself for your fears. Talk them over with God in total honesty and let God direct you.

Much more about talking to God honestly tomorrow.

For now, God bless and I hope you have a good day.





painted acorns

Yea! My favorite season. Autumn

Don’t you just love Autumn?

Crisp air, falling leaves, no more humidity.

But best of all, caramel apples.

I dearly love caramel apples. Our local grocery store carries them quite cheap. And many times, they have them for a dollar apiece. They last a long time so I really stock up on them.

I justify at least one every day because if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, think what two can do?

But it’s not just caramel apples. I find I like decorating in general in the fall rather than at other times. Maybe it’s because the “nesting” effect kicks in and I like all things cozy.

Like flannel and plaids.



Like scarves. This one was on sale at Etsy, but would be easy to make. This one isn’t lined so it would be important to use flannel that does not have a wrong or right side.

flannel scarf


A bunch of these acorns in a glass cylinder-type container would be so cute. I gathered a bunch over the weekend.painted acorns



Then there are these adorable place mats. I would use a fabric that is used to line quilts.


My daughter made me one of these a couple of years ago. Hers used rusty lids but if you can’t find those, this is cute today.

wreath from mason jar lids


And isn’t this a sweet arrangement. You would have to replace the apples as they are eaten.

fall centerpieceHope these ideas encouraged you.

God bless and have a great day.

laboring on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day and that’s just what we’re doing

Don’t know what you’re doing today but we are living up to the title, we are “laboring”. We came home from the cabin for a couple of days last week to regroup.

Friday the electrician came and wired the room so we moved the bed into our official new bedroom. We had the windows replaced in the rest of the cabin and are now painting the trim on the outside. Lots of clean-up in the yard as well.

It will be a while before I have the bedroom the way I want, I’m sure. After all, that’s half the fun, right?

We decided we would start doing some work inside the cabin as well. I’m getting tired of the paneling so we are going to paint over it. Not even going to fill in the seams as we want that same look anyway. Who knew it would be back in style?

We are going to see what the floor looks like under the carpet and are probably going to replace it with carpet tiles.

Lots of “tweaks’ are going to take place. Which brings me to this.

I wonder if God “tweaks” us. What do you think?

I kind of think He does. And it hurts sometimes as well. They feel like little “pinches”. Those places we say “ouch” because we know we need to grow some more. And growing is almost always a little uncomfortable.

Last week, I started to feel very melancholy. I thought about some of the people I pray for and I thought my heart would break with concern. Do you get like that? Burdened, really burdened, for the people on your prayer list? You feel like your prayers have been going nowhere. You see no change.

I don’t fight those times though. I think times of deep reflection and real soul-searching are good for us. However, we can let reflection and soul-searching get the best of us at times, so we should proceed cautiously. We are never to become so burdened for others that we lose ourselves in the process.

God wants us to look inside ourselves to be sure, but He never means for it to go so far that we bring ourselves down. And it’s very easy to do.

So after a period of thinking hard, I knew it was time to stop and let God take over.

Easier said than done, of course.

That’s why “laboring on Labor Day” will be good for me.

Hope you have a wonderful day whatever your “labor”.

God bless.

ps. I have a post later this week that goes into more detail about our prayer life. It’s title, “Pouring out our heart. Is it OK?



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