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the week in review-time to catch up

Goodwill chair

So last week was a busy one.

I’ve been cleaning up and organizing my craft supplies. Cleaning closets, etc.

Plus I cooked some stellar meals.

It’s been a good week. Not a week without concerns . There are always concerns, aren’t there. Always someone or some circumstance that needs our “prayer attention”.

Monday was all about some great bargains I found at Goodwill. The chair I passed up still haunts me.

Goodwill chair

I had every intention of going back the next day because they would be on sale, but a snowstorm stopped me. Went back today and, of course, nothing was there. http://faithsighanddiy.com/2016/01/11/i-found-a-great-bargain-at-goodwill/.

Tuesday was about why I didn’t want to win billion dollar lottery. No worries. I didn’t.

Wednesday was about what I learned when I added pureed squash to my mac ‘n’cheese. http://faithsighanddiy.com/2016/01/13/how-my-faith-was-really-challenged-by-simple-mac-n-cheese/

Thursday was about my crazy, funny dream and dream interpretation.

Friday was supposed to be about living a holy life but even though I scheduled it, it never posted so that will be carried over to next week.

I like doing the week in review when I do because it shows just what I did and did not get accomplished. This week I did pretty good.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



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