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follow-up to “please pray”

I postedĀ yesterday from the hospital where my mom was admitted to ICU for a dangerously low blood count.

Talked to the nurse this morning and the transfusions have brought her hemoglobin within the normal range.


However, she is going to be monitored for any more bleeding so won’t be coming home today.


I’ve shared often that one of my daily bible readingsĀ is from Proverbs. Every day I pray for God’s wisdom and direction as I need it for whatever happens in my lifeĀ that day.Ā And IĀ always pray that God will give me particular wisdom in caring for my mother. I couldn’t begin to listĀ all the little “heads-up” God has sent my way where she’s concerned. It’s been nothing short of miraculous.

But even after having shared all of this, I’m aware that her days are numbered. None of us liveĀ forever on this big round piece of earth.

hairs on head

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I have been blessed to have her this long.

We are mortal beings and while I love my life here on this earth, I’m looking forward to whatever heavenly mansion I’ve earned. I have lots and lots of questions. But you now what? I’ll bet they’ll fly away in a moment of breathless clarity when I arrive.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



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