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How to get a grip on meal preparation

Crescent roll bake

This is from a blog called “A cultivated nest”.

“A lot of families complain that there is no time to cook and that’s a believable statement. If you can, then spend some time prepping for that weeks meals. That means either putting together some freezer meals or washing chopping veggies, cooking up ground beef or chicken that you need in a recipe, anything that you can do ahead to make the actual cooking part easier! This means you can put your meals into the oven or crockpot, without a lot of work on your part the rest of the week and that helps you stick to your menu plan.

Here is my contribution:

I buy fresh chicken breasts when they’re on sale and cook them all up after slathering in a dry rub. I cut them into bite sized pieces and freeze what I think I will in a recipe. If it’s salad, all I have to do is thaw out some strips and I’m all set. I also freeze all leftover veggies for soup. Sometimes I puree it all together for a soup base. I HATE trying to figure out what to fix for dinner and just knowing I have some pre-cooked food in the freezer really helps.

Tonight I’m using some of my pre-cooked chicken, leftover broccoli, shredded cheese, onion, and little salsa. I’m using the new Crescent rolls that are in sheet form.

crescent roll sheets

crescent roll sheets

Spread out mixture on half of the sheet and roll other half over and then bake.

shredded chicken, broccoli, shredded cheese, onion, salsa (squeezed out extra juice)

shredded chicken, broccoli, shredded cheese, onion, salsa (squeezed out extra juice)

crescent roll after stuffing with filling

Crescent roll after stuffing with filling ( Not too pretty, huh? It was hard to fold over without tearing a little. I prepared on another pan and then tried to transfer to baking sheet. Should’ve just prepared the whole thing on the cookie sheet to begin with. Duh!)

crescent roll after baking


Crescent roll bake

Crescent roll bake

It turned out delicious! My husband loved it. Next time, I’m going to try a spinach, cheese, pimento, and onion mixture.

Forgot to mention, I brushed melted butter on top before baking.


(I didn’t measure anything so this is just an approximation.)

1 can Crescent Roll sheet

Pre-cooked chicken: about 1 cup

Broccoli: pre-cooked, about 5 or 6 stalks, top part only

Chopped onion: about 1/2 cup

Shredded cheese: about 1 cup

Salsa:  about 1/4 cup (squeeze out extra juice)

Spread mixture only on 1/2 of sheet

Bring other sheet over and pinch edges together.

Brush top with melted butter.

Bake as directed on package till nice and brown

(I used about 1/2 of the above mixture but probably could’ve used all of it. It would have been a little thicker.)

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