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Why we should change election day. Wink, wink.

I think we should change the month and day for our presidential elections. I mean, two months out from Christmas. Really? I was at JoAnn’s (our big fabric and craft chain here in the US) yesterday and the lines were already really long. I’ve searched Pinterest (mostly my […]

the week in review and an on-line garage sale

Hope you had a good week. I’ve been busy trying to organize my basement, clean out closets. Getting a big bag ready for “Thred Up”.  Have you checked it out? It’s a great big on-line garage sale. I’ve purchased a couple of items and have been very pleased. This […]

a review of the week and finally the sun

(OK, yesterday was the 23 rd, right? When you schedule a post to publish on the 23rd, it’s supposed to, right? Well, I’m looking at my edit screen right now and apparently this didn’t publish even though everything is as it’s supposed to be. So glad I got […]