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Why we should change election day. Wink, wink.

I think we should change the month and day for our presidential elections. I mean, two months out from Christmas.


I was at JoAnn’s (our big fabric and craft chain here in the US) yesterday and the lines were already really long. I’ve searched Pinterest (mostly my own boards because I have a lot of boards and a lot of “pins” without looking elsewhere) to inspire me. I’m going flannel and plaid this year.

Here’s some “pins” you might enjoy.




Here’s the fabric I bought. Only one plaid. It was all they had that I liked and that was on sale. I’ll head to Goodwill to look for some plaid shirts but this flannel, after all the discounts, was only $2.60 a yard. That’s even cheaper than a flannel shirt at Goodwill.

Christmas fabric

Oops, back to changing the day of our elections. (Pinterest always does distract me.)

It must have been a man who came up with this because no self-respecting woman would. The first of November is the beginning of the busiest time of the year, for women anyway. For men, it makes no difference.

Plus, it’s colder and the days are significantly shorter. Here in Michigan, it is already dark by 6:00 and with the time change coming up this weekend, it will be dark by 5:00 and that’s on a sunny day!

Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather vote during the spring or early summer when trees are starting to bloom and flowers are starting to spring up? Wouldn’t it put you in a better mood?

I mean this year no one is excited about voting anyway and we poor souls above the Mason-Dixie line really have to muster up some enthusiasm. These dark days don’t help our mood.

So let’s get a petition going to change the day of the election. We’re not an agricultural society anymore so we don’t have wait till the “crops are harvested.”

Let’s us women start a revolt. Let’s schedule election day somewhere in April, May, June, or July. We’ll just all be in a better mood.

Hmm, I guess I’m a “fair weather day” voter.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



digging in dirt

the week in review and digging in dirt

This week started If you’re happy and you know it, don’t ignore it. This was all about enjoying your life even if you’re the only one.

God leads

On Tuesday I wrote This is the coolest bathroom ever! I hope you saw it.

unique bathroom

Friday I asked for your help with all those toilet paper rolls.

toilet paper roll

It wasn’t a big posting week. Not because I didn’t have a lot to say, but because I’ve been concentrating on next weeks posts. Plus, I haven’t been feeling so good.

Our weather here on the west side of Michigan has been dark and dreary. The sun is finally peeking out today and it’s supposed to be a wonderful weekend. I’m looking forward to working in my garden all day.

It’s so therapeutic for me. To dig in the earth is, for me, like getting connected with God.

Dirt hasn’t changed. 


It’s the same now as it was thousands of years ago. Somehow I find that comforting. Very comforting. Kind of feel more “rooted” when I’m digging in the dirt.

Years ago I wrote all the music for a Daily Vacation Bible School program. This is one of the sort little choruses.

I’m gonna’ dig in,

I’m gonna’ plant my feet,

I’m gonna’ dig in, 

I refuse to know defeat.

I’m gonna’ dig in 

And keep on diggin’

Diggin’ till I reach the Promised Land.

It was complete with hand gestures as you can easily picture. 🙂

For my own reasons, tomorrow is going to be one of those “diggin’-in-and-planting-my-feet-in-the-dirt-that’s-as-old-as-this-earth” kind of day.

digging in dirt

God bless and I hope you have a wonderful week-end.


junk on the curbside

Why you should look at curbside junk more closely

garden 2008 august

Is everyone as excited about spring as I am?  In case you’ve forgotten, I live in Michigan. We have very long winters and this year was no exception. Yesterday I saw a blue bird stuffing twigs into our faded birdhouse.

I like watching birds although I’m hardly a seasoned bird watcher. I especially like watching them build their nests. We have a number of gourd birdhouses in front of the house. I grew the gourds myself and  I’ve painted them bright colors. They will need painting again.

While I love spring in Michigan, I don’t like what else spring means.  The yard work, the deck, the outdoor furniture. Ugh! There is so much to do I’m tired before I begin.

Then there’s the concern about how much I’ve really healed from the back issues and last year’s surgery. Gardening will be my “waterloo”.


I think people in cold climates have a fondness for spring that few other states can understand. We’ve been pretty much sequestered in our homes for months now with the occasional venturing out to get groceries, etc.

It’s fun living in Michigan in the spring. You don’t see any of your neighbors for months. It’s almost as if you don’t have neighbors. Then suddenly people seem to burst from their homes in one massive movement.  There’s a barrage of activity as they make use of every hour of daylight. People are friendly and exuberant in their long-overdue freedom.

It’s like we’ve been released from prison.

I can’t imagine this happening in warmer climates. Here, spring is exciting and energizing. Unlike the birds who are stuffing their nests, we’re cleaning out ours.

Piles of stuff show up on the curbs and I get so excited I can’t stand it. The anticipation of all the “treasures” I might find. I’ve embarrassed my poor husband more than once by yelling “Stop!”, I have to have that”. My husband will ask, “What is “that”? When I throw “that” into the bed of the truck I say, “I don’t have a clue, but it will be wonderful when I’m done with it.”

junk on the curbside

Oh, the ideas that are oozing out of every part of my overly energized brain as I plan all my DIY projects. Oh, the possibilities that await me. Sigh………..

porch table

God bless and have a good day.



the week in review and an on-line garage sale

Hope you had a good week.

I’ve been busy trying to organize my basement, clean out closets. Getting a big bag ready for “Thred Up”.  Have you checked it out? It’s a great big on-line garage sale. I’ve purchased a couple of items and have been very pleased.

This week I wrote about depression and our responsibility for our own health.

I didn’t post on Tuesday. There was a “situation” that got in the way

Wednesday I talked a little about why I hadn’t posted the day before and about National Chocolate Cake day.

Thursday I posted about how sometimes how we handle competition can lead or at least give us a clue about our depression.

Thursday I wrote about grace  and how sometimes we don’t recognize it the “ordinariness” of life.

Today is cloudy in Michigan, yet again!!!! Hubby and I heading out to run some errands and maybe go out for lunch.

Tomorrow night our church is having a combined service with our “sister church”, an ethnic church that has a totally different style of worship. We’re looking forward to it

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



a review of the week and finally the sun

(OK, yesterday was the 23 rd, right? When you schedule a post to publish on the 23rd, it’s supposed to, right? Well, I’m looking at my edit screen right now and apparently this didn’t publish even though everything is as it’s supposed to be. So glad I got it and thus will publish right now.)

Well, while the east coast is slammed with snow, we here in Michigan finally get to see the sun. In case you didn’t know,  Michigan rivals Oregon for sunless days.

So I’m reveling in the sunshine and enjoying every minute of it.

This past week began with a post about the many ways God speaks to us and sometimes it’s when we keep our mouths shut.

listening to God

Tuesday I posted about people, especially the twenty-somethings, who feel like life owes them something. But I suggested the responsibility lay between them and their parents. It was written with hope that parents of young children would keep this in mind unless they want an adult child (Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?) living with them the rest of their lives.

no princes or princesses

Wednesday I was impressed with our beautiful snow and couldn’t help but think of the verse in the Bible that refers to us being washed “white as snow.” Then I thought about the harsh words, Jesus had to say in Matthew twenty-three about how cleaning up the outside while the inside is filthy. He was speaking to the  religious leaders of his time, not the sinner.

snow on pine tree


Thursday I wrote about the need to live a “holy” life and that when we choose to do that, we may make others uncomfortable.



And on Friday I got to brag about a book being published that will include my daughter’s story about her and her little boy. Lukey is his name and Luke has Down syndrome and is one the greatest blessings in my life.


The book features the stories of fifty people who have a first hand experience with this disability. Entries were submitted world-wide and her essay made the cut. I’m proud and don’t have any problem saying that.

Reasons to smile

Reasons to smile

Anyway, I have to go enjoy the sun. We’re only having it for two days. It’s like that old saying, “Make haste while the sun shines.”

God bless and have a good day.

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