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Alphabet of thanks, “U”

Vincent van Gogh: Blick auf Arles. April 1889 ...

Vincent van Gogh: Blick auf Arles. April 1889 Öl auf Leinwand, 72 x 92 cm, Neue Pinakothek, München Sammlung Mr. und Mrs. Paul Mellon, Upperville/Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ukulele, umbrellas, unchanging, underestimate, understanding, unity, unique, unspoken, unusual, upbeat, uplifting.

I almost picked unity. But that sounded like what a beauty pageant contestant would say to impress the the judges. But I don’t want to be predictable so I guess it really makes sense that I pick “unique”.  I’m thankful for the “unique”.

I like unique.

As we’ve gone through a house renovation but the past couple of years,  I’ve learned that the pieces I still love are the ones that were never mass-produced. They are the ones that I don’t see in anyone else’s home. I’ve had some of my pieces for many years and they still  “work”. The’ve stood the test of time. 

Like the big copper bowl that sits on the lower shelf of a table.

The old sewing machine table with its mismatched top that has has been painted lots of different ways. Like the crocks that sit on each one my steps going upstairs. The pieces I’ve given away or are going to give away are pieces I’ve bought in department stores where there were a dozen of them on the shelf. That must have been a period in my life when I was foolish enough to want my home to look like everyone else’s.  I don’t know what I was thinking.

I like unique art as well. No department store art for me. Of course, most of the art in my own is my own so I guess that makes sense.

original art/faithsighanddiy






(These three pictures were originally posted to my former blog called “the worm in my apple”, although I still own the domain.)

However, I’m often inspired by what I see in stores. Like with this picture. Can’t wait to put my own spin on it.



I like unique people, too. Not necessarily eccentric although I appreciate them as well. By unique, I mean people who aren’t afraid to be who they are. They don’t explain themselves. They don’t justify themselves. They have no qualms about voicing their opinion when appropriate because they’re thinking people. They aren’t worried about fitting in. They are kind.

I used to be far more predictable than I am now. I’m glad I got over it.



Thankfulness, “Q”



(I’m re-posting this from last year with some slight changes.)

Today I am thankful for quiet. (Quiet doesn’t necessarily mean lack of noise. We can be quiet within even when it’s noisy around us. But for this post, I’m referring to quiet as the lack of noise.) I’m not one of those people who need someone around all the time. I don’t mind being alone especially when I can have quiet time. I find I listen and think better when it’s quiet.

Religious leaders from all faiths have extolled the importance of quiet for meditation. In Christian vernacular, quiet times refer to the times we set aside to read our Bibles and pray.  Although I still read and study my Bible, there seem to be more and more times I remain quiet and just listen. Every once in a while I like some extended time of total quiet. When even my own voice is not allowed to break the silence.

I am

I am

There has been much research about noise and stress and the conclusion has been that noise is a huge stress factor in the world. It certainly didn’t use to be that way. Life was simply quieter a hundred years ago because life was, well, simple. Of course we can turn off the noise if we choose. We just seldom choose. But complete quiet is hard to get used to. Most of us are uncomfortable with quiet. There are reasons for uneasiness.

When we are quiet, the chatter in our head subsides to a whisper. That’s when our demons can come to haunt us. We are faced with our fears and insecurities. That doesn’t scare me like it used to. I’m learning to be comfortable with a quieter version of me.

Most of us are going to go through  a period of “quiet” before we leave this earth.  Due to the infirmities that go with aging, we will have no choice.  Being comfortable with “quiet” and being  unafraid to face ourselves will prepare us. I hope this doesn’t sound maudlin but the truth is unless our lives are “interrupted”, we are going to experience old age. If we want to be a serene, contented elderly person, we need to be a serene contented twenty, thirty, forty, etc year old person. 

The future always starts with the present.

 God bless and I hope you have a good day.

rescue 4

alphabet of thanks, “R”

Relieve, restitution, ready, reason, rescue, retreat, restore

You would be amazed to know how many words start with “re”.  Lots and lots. I am so ready for my next game of “Words With Friends.”  Today I’m picking “rescue” because sometimes I need rescuing.


I am a Christian, a Christian who has been rescued more times than I deserve. God is like that.

God rescues us even when we’ve done everything wrong. Even when we don’t deserve it.

He rescued the Israelites time and again even though they broke every commandment. More than once, I might add.

As I mature in my faith, I know what God expects of me. The particulars aren’t always crystal clear but the underlying truths are very clear.

And God also intends for me to come to my own rescue as well. God expects that as I grow in my faith, I take on more responsibility for my own life.

For example, Proverbs has a lot to say about laziness.  While this verse refers to physical laziness, I think we can generalize it to other areas as well. That means if my mood is starting to drop, I know I need to move and get distracted.  Being a couch potato doesn’t help. Sometimes taking a day off and doing nothing works but only if it’s a decision I’ve made proactively and not just my mood calling the shots.  

But sometimes I did all the right things I knew to do, and depression still made its presence known. This was when God stepped in and rescued. He parted the waters for me in a myriad of ways. 

rescue 4

  • Sometimes it was through a phone call.
  • Sometimes it was an errand for my mom that got me out of the house.
  • Sometimes it was someone who needed me.
  • Sometimes God rescued through the reading of His word. I would have the uncanny feeling that God was speaking to me personally through the scriptures.

Sometimes the rescue was really extraordinary like in this example.

About sixteen years ago, (which was a period when depression really had a stronghold on me) I came home to find a message on our house phone. 

I pressed the play button. The voice I heard was unfamiliar. I didn’t have a clue who it was but she was praying for me. She prayed for about a minute or two and I can still remember the chill I felt. The prayer she prayed was uncanny. It was as if she knew everything about me and particularly the bad day I was having. Another “God rescue”.  I’ve never forgotten it.

God knows when we’ve lost our way. He knows when we’ve run out of options. He knows when the timing is right for our rescue. (God’s timing is a whole ‘nother subject. )

So today I’m really thankful to know I love a God who rescues me when He knows I need rescuing. 

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

Alphabet of thankfulness, “P”

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are no options to pick from for the letter “P”. I’ve had this one settled on since the beginning. It’s PINTEREST-YEA!!!!! (It was Pinterest last year as well. I know, I know, I could sound like a really great Christian and pick “prayer” but I didn’t.)

Here’s how my descent into the Pinterest “abyss” began. It was October, 2011, when my daughter remarked, “Hey, mom.  I’ve found this neat website I think you might enjoy. It’s called Pinterest. Here, let me show you.” She pulled up the site and showed me how it worked.

“Hmmm”, I said. “I don’t know if it’s something I would like but I’ll give it a try”. One hundred forty-seven boards and twelve thousand pins later, I guess I did more than “give it a try”, huh?

some of my boards

some of my boards

It was downhill after that. I plunged into Pinterest “hell” almost immediately.  

I was hooked.

fish on a hook

fish on a hook

I pinned non-stop for days. I needed an intervention but none was forthcoming.

I had to go cold turkey.

cold turkey

cold turkey

It was hard but after a few days, I was back to normal.  I have slowed down since then but I’m still somewhat obsessed. 



pinterst 2

Why do I like Pinterest?  For one thing, by paying close attention to what I was pinning, I realized that my true decorating style was not reflected in my home. I learned that I love white with touches of black. I love yellow-green paired with pale sea-foam blue. When it came time to redecorate some bedrooms, I didn’t have to think at all.  When it came to the living room and dining room, it was also easy. Lots of black and white.

I think I would like the people who pin. They’re interested in life. They’re creative.  I like that. I like people who are excited about their lives .

However, there does seem to be more and more questionable sites. That concerns me. Why do a few always ruin it for the many? Some pinners have posted controversial pins. I don’t think that’s what Pinterest is supposed to be. I have also run across some foul language but that has been rare.  Also, the site itself has some quirks but hey, it’s free and it seems to pretty “bug” free now.

Pinterest has brought me back to the things I love. I love DIY projects but had gotten away from it for a while. 

I’M  B-A-A-A-A-A-A-C-K

And I’ve yet to try a recipe that hasn’t been successful.

angel food/crushed pineapple cake

angel food/crushed pineapple cake (angel food cake mix (just the dry mix) and one can crushed pineapple juice and all. Don’t over mix. It will froth up when mixed together. Do not grease pan.  Bake in bundt pan or sheet cake pan.

I love the art.



I love the inspirational sayings.



There really isn’t anything about Pinterest  I don’t like except of course, it’s addicting lure.

I ask everyone I meet, “Are you on Pinterest”? If they say no, I explain it to them and tell them they really MUST check it out. 

Oh, no, I’m sending someone else over the edge.  I should be ashamed. 🙂

God bless and I hope you have a good day.


Alphabet of thankfulness, “N”

Today I’m thankful  for my naiveté



 My family is always kidding my about how naïve I am about some things. For example, if a family member tells me something outlandish, (like there’s such a thing as a Michigan peacock) I’m very apt to believe them because of course, they wouldn’t lie. (Someone did trick me with this one. I won’t tell you I fell for it. 🙂 ) 



It  means I trust and believe in people. However,  I’m often disappointed because my level of expectation of others is too high sometimes. I am always surprised if someone has said something hurtful about me. I’m just naïve enough to believe most people like me.

I am also surprised when other people say or do things that are immoral or unethical. It is totally beyond my understanding that people cheat on their taxes or when undercharged or not charged at all for a purchase that they don’t bring it to the clerk’s attention. I’m always surprised when people don’t play fair. I guess I really am naïve.

But that’s o.k. I rather be the one picked on than the one who does the picking. I’d rather be easy to play a joke on than so “prickly”  no one would dare. I rather be naïve and see the wonder of life, than so jaded I can only see the ugly.



I’m also naïve enough to believe that relationships can improve if people would only be gently honest with each other. 

I’ll admit it. I’m naïve. I’m naïve enough to believe that God still performs miracles. I’m naïve enough to believe that my prayers really matter. I’m naïve enough to believe that God is who He says He is, that He can do what He says He can do, that I am who God says I am, and that I can handle anything God allows in my life. Call me naïve if you will. I call myself smart.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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