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the indisputable link between obedience and faith

Last week I was going to post from my Oswald Chambers reading that day. Here is an excerpt. I encourage you to read all of it. I’m sure you can find it on line.


“…………………..All God’s revelations are sealed until they are opened to us by obedience. …..Obey God in the thing He shows you,  and instantly the next thing is opened up. One reads tomes on the Holy Spirit, when one five minutes, of drastic obedience would things as clear as a sunbeam……….The tiniest fragrance  of obedience , and heaven opens and the profoundest are truths of God are yours straight away. God will never reveal more truth about Himself until you have obeyed what you know already.” My utmost for his highest.” October 10th reading.

I’m glad I waited till today. It gave me time to think….. Continue reading “the indisputable link between obedience and faith”

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