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My patio this year with my new roof on the pergola.

I don’t believe I’ve posted pictures of my deck this year.

We built the pergola about seven years ago and early this spring we had a metal roof put on it. I love it.

It’s not peaked or anything because we didn’t build the Pergola that way due to expensive and the fact that we did it ourselves.

Flat roof and all, I still love it.

The covers on this antique glider are Walmart plastic tablecloths. I used plastic because I’m always forgetting to cover them and our sprinklers always hit this part of the deck.

My friend made me this wonderful sign a few years ago.

The ceiling height is twelve feet. We didn’t want to cut down any more boards than we have to.

This green plant to the left is a wonderful artificial bush at Hobby Lobby. I spread it out and it looks great. The wood slices are from a tree we had removed at our cabin. They are splitting badly so this might be their last year.

I had this cement ball in the house and brought it outside to put in this wonderful cement tray. All garage sale items.

This is a beaded holder that is supposed to be used for a different shape but I made it work with this fifty cent mental bucket and a dollar’s worth of garage sale greenery.

I love having my time with God out here. Because it’s covered I can be out here a lot more. I need to refinish the roof from underneath and well, there’a lot that should be done. But that’s not happening this year.

This is is being such a short summer here in Michigan, I’m just enjoying it for now.

It occured to me that with the other pictures, you couldn’t see the roof. Outside of getting on a ladder, this was the only picture I could get. It’s through a screen but I think you get the idea.

So that’s it for today. Gotta’ go sit outside.

God bless and have a really good day.

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