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Some posts to inspire you starting tomorrow.

I don’t know why but the other day I started thinking about life and how sometimes I feel like I’m falling through the cracks. I’m sure it has to do with my mom’s death.

So for the rest of the week, here’s where we’re going.

  • Tuesday:        “How to walk in the woods without a light.”
  • Wednesday:  “Jumping from a plane without a parachute.”
  • Thursday:      “Walking on water without a life jacket.”
  • Friday:           “How to walk on a tightrope without a net.”

While they all have the same “theme”, I’ve approached each of them from a different perspective.

Just so you know, I wrote these last week and scheduled them for this week. We are finally heading to the cabin for a longer period of time. I need to be at my special retreat. It’s where God refreshes me and at this point, I need some refreshing.

I’m going to study my Bible, read a couple of novels, take naps, sleep later in the morning (that probably won’t happen but I can dream, can’t I?), hit some thrift stores and overall just relax.

Just in case you haven’t seen some of the pictures of inside the bunkhouse, here’s a few. I’m always changing things.



(The “thewomrninmyapple.com” that is overlaid on the picture was the former title of this blog.)

This is my “kitchen” in the bunkhouse. I love the way the hanging light fixture projects the stars on the blinds.

Here’s the progress of the “love u more” plaque.

love u more sign/diy

love u more placque/DIY

llove u more sign/diy

love u more sign/diy

The outside of the bunkhouse had to match the cabin so it’s red, white, and black on the outside. Here’s where you can picture me napping and reading (not at the same time 🙂 ). I’ve just sewn new covers for the back cushions.

bunkhouse porch

I hope you have a wonderful week and God bless you today.



Why we all need to develop a worldview?

Our Bible study is watching a great video series, called The Truth Project.  It is sponsered by Focus On The Family. (I have not always been a fan of FOTF, but I do like this series very much.)

I found it especially good because I’ve been thinking along these lines myself a lot lately.

  • What is a worldview?
  • What is a Christian worldview and is it any different?
  • Should I have one?

I think I have some answers. You can read more here. Continue reading “Why we all need to develop a worldview?”


How living in the moment frees us

“You can’t live tomorrow today. You can’t live yesterday today. You can only live today’s day. This is just my way of saying we need to learn to live in the present moment. It’s really the only one we’ve got.  Nothing you haven’t heard before, right? Here’s my day of living ithe moment and not anticipating the next.

I’ve been outside in my gardens  most of the day (No, these are not my gardens. I wish.) I’m always surprised at how I can lose myself when I’m playing in the dirt.  I’m sure most of you have heard the word “flow”. It means when you’re so absorbed in what you’re doing, time loses meaning. Hours can pass unnoticed ’till something jars you back to reality. That’s what playing in my garden does for me. I need a lot of “flow” now.


Somehow a spring day feels like a gift from above, my roses tease me with their tiny buds, green stalks bursting out of the earth almost overnight. My gardens are just coming to life now but in another couple of weeks, everything lurking underground will be up and flourishing with barely an open spot. I like the feeling of anticipation of not knowing what my gardens will look like. I forget from year to year what’s lurking beneath the dirt.

My gardens are always evolving.  The winds have  scattered seed heads and when the flowers spring up they will surprise me in their new home. Underground spreaders are building highways underground and they, too, will shoot up willy-nilly where they will. It’s like a surprise gift I get to open all summer.


I think of my life and how my garden sometimes echoes how I feel. Sometimes I feel like I’m pushing through dirt and can barely breathe. Other times I feel like I’ve broken through some unknown barrier and I’m breathing freely and deeply. I sway in the breeze feeling light and carefree. Today that’s how I felt. I was able to enjoy every moment without thinking about anything other than what I was doing.

It feels good to give ourselves some breathing room.

We all need breathing room. It’s amazing how our perspective can improve if we just take the time to step away from a situation. Not so we can think more about it, but so we can’t. we don’t have to spend every minute trying to figure things out.

Maybe the very act of taking a “thinking” break, lets us think more clearly.

We can overthink almost everything. There’s comes a moment where worrying about something  makes our thinking unproductive. We are too caught up in the process. Our thoughts are all over the place. Purposely putting things on hold and doing something different is about the most productive thing we can do.

Today was an ordinary day but I got to live it an extraordinary fashion. Don’t we wish everyday could be like that? But I’m well aware that even though my day was spectacular, others were not so lucky. The clouds have moved from over my head. They’ll be back but for today I’m just going to be grateful.

God bless and have a good day.

Bad news, good news, bad news

I just came home from the doc’s.

Bad news, at least ten more days NWB (non-weight bearing).

Good news, I can put a little pressure on the heel to maneuver steps.

Bad news, we tried the “good news” above and it’s way too painful.

So my hubby did take me by Goodwill. No steps to maneuver around.

I found the cutest little basket to spray paint. Of course I’ve got to find an easier way to get into the garage. But so help me, I’m going to.

cute little Goodwill basket

Goodwill basket

Cute little Goodwill basket

Goodwill basket

While I was in Goodwill, God provided some encouragement.

A customer (turned out to be a nurse) saw me on my scooter and remarked, “Those scooters are a life saver, aren’t they”.

“Yes, they are.”

She proceeded, “I broke my ankle in three places. My son was only five at the time and I was a single mom. It was a nightmare. I was NWB for months. The worst time in my life.”

We chatted for a few more minutes.

I thanked God for His intervention.

God has a great way of showing up right when we need him too.

Today was a nice visit for Him, right when I needed it.

Then my husband brought me my cottage cheese and grapes. How cute is this?

cottage cheese smiley

cottage cheese and grape smiley face

God bless and have a good day

ps. Might I just add. Be careful in all that you do and take care of your feet.

Alphabet of thanks, “E”

E, for “Easy”



Today I’m thankful for “easy” things. Do you know what I mean?

There are so many hard things in life. What’s hard for me may not be hard for you. And, of course, the opposite is true.

For me, “hard” things are:

Avoiding “sweets”

Mercurial people


Unscrewing lids

My hair

Emptying the dishwasher


Saying good-bye


Shoe shopping

Wearing shoes



So I like “easy”.





Bible study



Even-keeled people





Filling the dishwasher



God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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