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The parable of the three trees, a must watch

I happened to find this the other day and wanted to share it with you.

As the Easter season approaches, it is particularly relevent.

Broken dreams, dreams put on hold, dreams never realized can cause us much pain. I think of all the people whose dreams have been dashed by the crisis.

I hope this video brings some perspective to all of you are grappling with your dreams that have been dashed. I feel for you. I feel for students who won’t go to their prom. For athletes who won’t compete in the Olympics this year. For the small businesses that were just getting off their feet. For young families who had trips planned to the various Disney parks.

While some of these might seem frivolous in light of those who have lost jobs and income, they are very real to those experiencing them.

But maybe God has more. Maybe the dreams we had can be bigger and better. Maybe our dreams now can have eternal significance. I hope this little video brings a different perspective.

God bless and have a great day.

God bless and have a safe day.

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