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Why we should change election day. Wink, wink.

I think we should change the month and day for our presidential elections. I mean, two months out from Christmas. Really? I was at JoAnn’s (our big fabric and craft chain here in the US) yesterday and the lines were already really long. I’ve searched Pinterest (mostly my […]

Seaman's church scarf

Have you heard of Seaman’s Church?

I was getting ready to ditch some leftover yarn and that got me to thinking about knitting and that got me to thinking about finding some new patterns to use up the bits and pieces, and  that, of course, led to Pinterest and ultimately this great website. know, […]

The best place to shop for craft supplies

Today is Tuesday Tidbits where I share with you some “good to know” things I’ve run across. If you’re a “crafter” like me, you will really appreciate this. This is an article I re-pinned to one of my boards. It is not original to me. Just want to be […]