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Christmas as planned by God

One one of the many benefits of blogging is that I have a record of my life, at least since I began. I decided to read some posts from past Christmas’s to see if I’ve learned anything.

This is one of those posts:

God is having a good laugh at my expense.

You probably recall that a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I wanted these Holidays to be my own “quiet” journey to Christmas.


Then I wrote about my progress.

getting close to my goal

But God has different plans.

Not only are the days leading up to Christmas not going to be “quiet”;  they are going to be even “noisier” than usual. The details aren’t important but let’s just say that what I don’t get done in the next couple of days, what cookies I don’t get baked, etc., what craft items I don’t create, just won’t get done.

ready or not

I’ve wondered if I shouldn’t completely change the way I pray. It could be such a short prayer:

“OK, God. I’m yours. Have at it!”

interrupted plans

When will I ever learn that my plans don’t carry much weight with God? At least not my plans for myself.

When will I ever learn that God always knows what’s best? (By the way, it might not always be my best.) hat

When will I ever learn that every time God interrupts my well-thought-out plans, it’s because He sees the bigger picture, that He knows what I need better than I do.

So my “quiet journey to Christmas” is going to have to take place within me. Not in the circumstances surrounding me.

I feel strangely more intimate with Jesus this way because that’s how Jesus lived had to live His life. He experienced peace within, even with all the “noise” around Him.

Let’s face it. Life is “noisy” anyway.

  • There are people to care for and watch over.
  • There are people to pray for.
  • There are people to visit.
  • There are people to listen to.
  • There are people to talk to.
  • There are people to love.

When we’re helping others, we are at our happiest and most peaceful anyway.  So when I re-think my plan, I realize I’m right where I should be and my quiet journey to Christmas is right on track.

I’m so glad God loves me enough to continue to interrupt my life.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.


Why I find pain can be valuable.

painThis sciatic pain seems to have a life of its own. It’s better, then it’s worse, then it’s better  again. Doesn’t seem to be any consistency. It comes and goes at will, like an unwelcome relative.


Until I see the orthopedic specialist in November, I’m really having to think through my activities Continue reading “Why I find pain can be valuable.”

I think I can, I think I can. I KNOW I can.



I think part of the problem in keeping resolutions is taking the time to really thinking them through. Most resolutions are no more than “wishes”, which isn’t a bad thing but without a well thought out plan even our wishes won’t come true. 

little red engine

little red engine

Resolution keeping should be based on sound strategy. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves before we even begin.

For example, let’s say weight loss or weight control is one of my resolutions. Instead of just saying, “I’ll eat healthier” I need to identify how I will do that I can know all the facts about healthy eating but knowing is not the same as doing. So maybe I need to add:

 I will eat fruit and vegetables every day.

        I will only bring healthy food into my home.

                       I will do this by shopping the perimeter of the store.

                       I will develop a strategy for eating away from home.

                                              I will eat something sweet every day. (I’ll explain this one later.)

                                                                I will tell myself that not every special occasion is really a special occasion.

Everyone’s plan will be unique.  While it helps to gather information and to listen to what others are doing, in the end your plan has to be your plan. For example, when I wrote earlier that I will eat something sweet every day you might have wondered what I was thinking.

For me I know that I have a sweet tooth and when I try to deny it, I can eat a whole gallon of ice cream if I ‘m not careful. So for me a plan to keep from overeating means allowing myself a small “sweet” every day. Even if it’s just a Hershey kiss, it works for me. I’m fortunate in that I can quit with just one. My plan definitely wouldn’t work for everyone but it works for me.

Hershey's kiss

Hershey’s kiss

So this is how I’m beginning my month of planning my resolutions. I’m thinking through categories, like health, spirituality, relationships, creativity, challenges. In each category, I’m narrowing my focus. 

I’m looking at what has worked and what hasn’t worked for me in the past. For example, I’ve taken the challenge of studying the Bible thirty minutes a day. There’s a big difference between reading and studying. So to meet that goal I’m getting up by 7:00 no matter how tired I am so that I’ll have time to have coffee, catch up on the late-breaking news, and get dressed.  

However,  I also need to plan for interruptions to my well-made plans. It’s my experience that God often interrupts my plans. Right now we have an unexpected house guest for a while. That makes meeting my challenge a little more different.

God's plans are better

God’s plans are better


People come first in God’s world.

Always have.

Always will


When He brings a person my way that needs help, I know that He’s not considering my self-imposed schedule at all.    I’m aware how God works because I’ve experienced many of these kinds of interruptions and God has always been the source. So I’ve learned not to feel guilty when I don’t meet my goals. Besides:

guilt is Satan arsenal, not God’s.

guilt is Satan's tool

guilt is Satan’s tool

How are you doing with thinking through your resolutions?  Or are you? You don’t have to call them resolutions if that sounds too intimidating.  Call them anything you want. But it never hurts anyone to set aside a little time for a few weeks to think through some things. What could it possibly hurt? And who knows, it might even help. 

Happy thinking.

God Bless and I hope you have a good day.


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