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the week in review and my dream home

I started my week by posting Mother’s Day morning. A great Mother’s Day Church on the beach. (I do hope no one judged me for my “beach church service”)


Monday was  Why I don’t want to overhear your conversations. This was in reference to the many cell phones users who don’t mind spilling the beans about their whole live in front of non-interested people like me.

bad phone manners

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I hate it.

Tuesday I posted What is the one gift God gives to all of us? It doesn’t matter who we are this gift of potential is given freely to all of us. We reject God when we don’t take this gift and use it.

brain potential

How our hair affects our depression was Wednesday’s fun but real post about the importance of looking our best, especially hen we’re feeling down.

bad hair day

bad hair day

How to embrace bittersweet moments referred to my Mother’s Day (spend on the beach) which, while wonderful, prompted some sad feelings in me.

sadFriday I posted about a natural supplement that just might help you with your memory. One easy way to improve your memory. Check with your doctor first though before taking any supplement as it could interfere with other medication you might be taking.

turmeric curcumin

Today my husband and I found our dream home “off the grid”. (That phrase is starting to get old, isn’t it?)

It has no water, electricity or  power of any kind.  None of this can be added either because it’s along the Pine River Corridor and is under the Homestead Act so it can remain there but nothing can be done to improve it.

That would be OK with us. At least for a few days at a time. The picture probably doesn’t show it, but it sits on a very high cliff overlooking the Pine River. I can just imagine sitting there and having my quiet time with God while looking at this scene, especially in the fall.


God  bless and I hope you have a wonderful week-end.




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