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How long should we pray?

how long should we pray

That is such a great question.

Do you know why?

I think it’s a great question because it’s a question everyone wants to ask but no one does.

I mean, “Have you ever asked someone how long they pray?”

Has anyone ever asked you?

We don’t ask because it’s a rude question. And we shouldn’t ask because it’s too personal.

So, of course, having said all that, I have no answer for you. At least not about the number of minutes, hours, etc.

But I do have some ideas.

This post came about because my husband and I had a conversation with friends recently and this subject came up. Not the specifics of the length of time but more in general conversation. We all agreed that our time with God each day had greatly evolved over the years. We all four were in agreement that we read and studied more now than we actually prayed. We also agreed that the studying and reading and praying all kind of overlapped now. It’s more of an integrated approach. It’s seamless.

First of all, we don’t have to consider prayer a one-time event each day. Once we come to that place in our lives where we realize prayer doesn’t have a greeting and salutation like a letter, we get a better grasp of what prayer is supposed to be.

So far me, I don’t look at the clock. I don’t time myself. I don’t feel bad if my prayers are short because other days they are long. I pray as long as I need to cover what I need to. But then I’m praying throughout the day as well.

Isn’t that the point of prayers? To pray for people in our personal world, to pray for situations throughout the world. to pray for our own needs. It just needs to take the amount of time it needs to take. (A caveat though. There is a lot in this world that needs prayer.)

We don’t earn any stars in our crown for the number of hours we pray but for how sincerely and regularly we pray.

I don’t know if I this prayer thing “right” or not.

I know I read a lot about it. I study the subject a lot. I read the prayers in the Bible. We’ll talk about those prayers tomorrow. Until then:

God bless and have a good day.

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