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Christmas centerpiece

How to respond when people disappoint us

It’s hard to be disappointed in people. And there’s not a riper time than the holiday season when hopes run high and expectations are unrealistic.

Christmas centerpiece

I have a really long rope, but sometimes I get to the end of it.

It hurts to realize you’ve been deceived, that you’ve got someone so wrong. But usually we’re deceived because we’ve been thinking the best of someone. I would rather be deceived because I thought good of someone than have them live up to my narrow expectations.

I would rather always err on the side of hoping for the best.

But maybe we need to find the equilibrium between thinking the best or thinking the worst and our consequent behavior.

But where is that?

I think maybe it’s by realizing:

We are all complex individuals with histories, hurts, and hopes.

We’ve all experienced life differently. What doesn’t bother the next person bothers us intensely. What bothers someone else intensely barely touches us.


just because all the above is true does not mean that we are excused from being well-mannered. That’s the least that should be expected from anyone.

So how do we stumble through the quagmire of complicated relationships and feelings?

I could quote lots of Scripture. I could give you a hip, hip, hoorah, speech. But I’m a firm believer that changes ONLY starts when we are motivated from within. And that only begins when we’re willing to look at and challenge ourselves honestly.

I think how we deal with other people needs to be as individual as we are.

The only truth I know for sure is that when we respect ourselves, when we’re kind and considerate ourselves, when God is truly in control of our lives, we will find a way to accomplish this.

For me, when I’m disappointed in someone, I acknowledge it to myself.

I pray for them. This is easier than you might think especially if you’re convinced that down deep they’re good people.

Then, if I can, I might distance myself physically a little for a while.

But mostly what I do is guard my heart.

I guard my heart by not taking on their drama. By not letting their bad manners and bad behavior take away my peace or my joy.


When we let the bad-mannered, irresponsible, and insensitive people in our life impact our lives negatively, they have won.

frowning face

Let me be clear here. I am not referring to isolated incidents. I’m referring to people whose pattern of behavior is contentious and obnoxious.

Jesus was never milk-toast. Jesus never begged or pleaded for anyone to change. He wasn’t afraid to call people out when they harmed others. He walked away and avoided people when he needed to.

And the oxymoron in all this is He died to give us the opportunity to be like him. So if this is how Jesus loved  while he was on earth, this is how we should love, with honesty, directness, sometimes avoidance, and confrontation as needed.

using words wisely

Take some time this next year to read and re-read the gospels and focus on what Jesus did, not only the words he spoke. Read his words as though you’re reading them for the first time. Pay attention to what he says and to whom. Research the circumstances in which he delivered his message.

This will take some time and some extra reading. But if you’re serious about know the real Jesus, not the one you think you knew, you will do this. Phillip Yancey’s, “The Jesus I Never Knew” is a great way to start. We are too influenced by what we’ve heard from the pulpit, what other people say, and the general overly romantic sentiment that surrounds Jesus.

Jesus can’t be “tweeted’; He’s the whole book. He’s more than a few strokes on the I- phone, I-pad, computer. 


The year is almost over. We can’t rewrite history but we can learn from it.

Learning to avoid people’s drama and yet still loving them is hard. This was one of my goal’s last year and while there were some snafu’s, for the most part I am pleased. I’m also more at peace and enjoying my life more.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.


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white lamps

wait till you see my lamps

I’m posting some pictures of past diy projects. Mostly because when I first posted them I was so ignorant about blogging, I didn’t include tags have the time. So most of you have not seen any of them.

sad face

I’m going to start with my  lamps. I’ve had these lamps for many years and they were one of my rare costly purchases. I bought them because they were very heavy which is the hallmark of a quality lamp. I knew they’d last for years. Anyway, I looked  for new ones but nothing compared to these.

I didn’t think to take a picture of the can of spray paint because I keep thinking I don’t need to take pictures or give instructions of the obvious. But then I look at other blogs and realize I’ wrong. I do take issue with this because I feel we are fast becoming a nation of non-readers. Everything is in pictures anymore.

Nonetheless,  I now take my camera with my when I start any project. Anyway-the paint color is the infamous Heirloom White spray paint by Rustoleum that just about every diy-er says is their favorite white. I use this color everywhere.

This first picture shows both lamps, one with the satin spray paint and the other with a metallic finish. I did take pictures of that.

004 (5)

The lamp on the right is spray painted with the Heirloom White. Can you tell how “flat” it looked? But I didn’t want shiny white paint either, just a touch of shine. So I went to Home Depot and I found this Martha Stewart product.

009 (3)

I love this stuff. I’ve used it on lots of projects.

008 (3)

I used a brush and “scrubbed into all the crevices. Then I wiped off the excess with a soft dry cloth. Took about five minutes! Here is finished lamp on finished table.




Oh, I also painted the end tables black with Rustoleum Spray paint, Black Canyon. Outside of Urbane Brozne by Sherwin Williams, this Black Canyon is my favorite black paint.

Yea! I found a “before” picture of the lamp and the end table. I had just purchased the shade and I think that’s when it struck me to paint the lamp white. It was either paint the lamp white or the table white. I chose to paint the lamps white.

Notice the slip-covered sofa. Purchasing white slip covers for my dark burgundy colored sofas was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. It inspired everything else I did in my living room plus not having to buy new sofas saved me a ton of money. I love that!

004 (3)

Anyway, I realize this wasn’t the best DIY project as far as photos or explanation. As I said, I’m much more comfortable with writing about life issues. Every time I started a project I’d get halfway through and realize I was supposed to be taking pictures from the beginning. I’m learning though.

God bless and have a good day.

original art by Rebecca Platt

Are you fanatic or faithful?

Just a quick post today.

This is from Oswald Chambers: (I made some changes for easier reading but I think you will agree they are accurate.)

Beware of making a fetish of your consistency to your convictions. …..The one consistency of the Christian (Chambers uses the word “Saint”) is not to a principle but to Christ. (Chambers uses the words “Divine  life) .It is easier to be a fanatic than a faithful soul.

What are you today?

Do you “spout” your beliefs loudly for all to hear or are you truly faithful when nobody is watching, in your prayer, Bible study, relationships, actions, word and thoughts?

Only you know.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

breathe prayer

what is a “breathe” prayer

I think there are two aspects to a “breathe” prayer.  First of all:

A“breath” prayer is a prayer that can be said in one breath. 

The ancient monks often prayed, “Lord, have mercy” as their “breath” prayers.  Christians often repeat the name, “Jesus”.

I have a number of phrases I use. A few of my favorites are, “Be still and know”, “He makes me lie down”, “Be anxious for nothing”.

Today I’m including, the word “Focus”.

This word was added to my repertoire a few years ago because of a situation I encountered. 

breathe prayer2

Someone I know was going through a difficult time.  She lost something.  That’s it.  She just lost something.  Nothing irreplaceable, mostly annoying.  But because it was sandwiched between some other situations, it seemed even worse.  She let it mushroom.  While it was mushrooming, she ruminated.

(Rumination is going over the same thing again and again. Unless once is determinedly seeking constructive answers, it always leads one down the path to destructive thinking.)

Finally, after ten days of berating herself, she let a couple of people in on it. I was one of those people.

At first, I wanted to laugh because it really wasn’t that big of a deal. 

I listened instead. 

I knew what she was doing.  I knew she was doing what many of us do: 

Instead of doing something constructive about it or we let it sour other parts of our life.  

The word “focus” added so when I find myself in similar situations, I can have a word that puts me right  back on track.

Because of the mighty outpouring of adrenaline, our emotions run out of control. We make mistakes, sometimes really big ones because we let the little ones fester.  Our thoughts get all messed up.

Stress, good or bad, left to run rampant has a destructive effect on all parts of our body.  

Our constant rehashing keeps the adrenaline levels elevated-not a good thing.  I reassured her that her losing something wasn’t nearly as much of a problem as her thinking she had to keep it secret.  She was “humiliated she had done such a thing and embarrassed to let anyone else know about it.” She kept her own stress level up by keeping it hidden. When she realized no one was judging her for it, she seemed to do better.

So what should we do on a day like that?

Focus on the fact that :

  • when we need further wisdom, we will receive it.
  • that we can only do what we can do and that there’s a whole lot we can’t do, like think for someone else.
  • we don’t have to feel guilty above those a fore mentioned things I can’t do.
  • we don’t have to buy into unnecessary drama which is the same as saying,
  • we don’t have to let another person’s stress, stress us!

Maybe that’s a “breath” prayer you can pray today if you’re trying to stay above the fray. Repeat the word


As a follower of Christ, that means we can focus on God and His faithfulness. We can inhale God’s peace and exhale the stress we are feeling.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

(I have to add a P.S. here. Look at this font. It looks different than the rest of the post, right?  Well, it was showing up where I didn’t want it to. So-o-o-o-m I went to my “text” screen and was actually able to figure it out and change it. Yea, I feel like I took another giant step in my “technical” blogging skills. Be happy for me.)


a great article about the “Starbucks” uproar

Thought this was a great article so am sharing it with all of you.

It’s about the reaction of someone who doesn’t live in the United States to the whole Starbucks uproar over their Christmas cups.


Now there might come a time when I voice my objection to something related to Christmas and the Christian faith but I hope it will never be over something as frivolous as this.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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