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don't worry about the stock market

Why I’m not worried about the stock market.

Today is Tuesday tidbits. Usually that mean some helpful hints about something. But tidbits can mean anything. So today my tidbit is my reaction to the wild stock market ride. The last time this happened my husband and I were in Paris. We really didn’t know how bad […]

why pretense doesn’t help

A lot of people pretend during the Holidays. They pretend: that they don’t care if they have to sit home alone that the Holidays really aren’t that important to them. that it’s ok if family ignores them that it’s ok if they ignore family that they really just […]

praying without actually praying

I had something interesting happen yesterday I wanted to share with you. It’s Christmas right? That means busy, busy busy. I had one of  those days on Monday. From the minute I woke up till I crashed around ten, I had not a moment to spare. I kept […]

When we don’t have a clue

30(I’ve been taking part in the post a day marathon through WordPress. I’ve been going through the alphabet and giving thanks using a letter a day. But I’ve missed my normal posting so I thought I would add another one.) My last couple of weeks have been stressful […]