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an alphabet of thanks “O”

Option one over option two. We even have toilet paper options.


I don’t like playing guessing games with life.

I like concrete answers.

I like people who are open. I don’t like people who have an agenda; you never know where you stand with them.

I like to organize-things, my schedule, my life. I don’t like chaos. I could write volumes about each of these but I’m going to settle on “OPTIONS” because “options” is really just another word for “choices”.

And I’m a big believer that we all have choices about most things in our life.

We’ve updated our big old farmhouse over many years. I had a general idea where I was headed. I wanted to ditch the heavy, wood-grained look and go for something crisper. I have made a lot of painting color choices.  At one point, I had nine, nine, samples of white paint. I never realized there were so many different whites.

Painting the furniture, however, was a no-brainer. I had studied decorating websites and magazines for months and months and when the time came to decide, it all just kind of fell into place. I am fairly confident in my decorating abilities as it is one of my passions. It’s been my experience that when we’re passionate about something we’re usually good at it. I feel like I make good decorating choices. At least most of the time.

I have a cousin who is passionate about cooking and she’s a wonderful cook. I’m not passionate about cooking-enough said about my culinary skills.

But when it comes to people, our options are crucial. Things are just things but people can hurt us and they can be hurt.

For example, relationships can be damaged forever if we choose the wrong words.

Sometimes there are more options than the obvious but they usually only show up after we’ve let some time-lapse.

Many decisions can sit on the back burner for a while.

Often situations resolve themselves if we let them sit and simmer. That’s the wonderful thing about options. We even have options about our choices!

The holiday season is fast approaching. We are faced with all kinds of options, what to buy, what to bake, what to wear. It’s relatively easy to see these options. But we have options about everything. So let’s choose:

  • politeness over rudeness
  • kindness over meanness
  • love over hate
  • tolerance over injustice
  • helpfulness over selfishness
  • giving over taking
  • generosity over stinginess
  • initiation over laziness
  • courage over fear
  • respect over disdain

If we remember we have options, life can become so much easier.

God bless and have a good day.





pantry remodel

My new pantry DIY

My pantry used to be a tiny bathroom. When we completed the roughed-in addition, I knew I wanted this room for my pantry. It’s not that I don’t have a lot of cupboards but they’re all too high for me to use. I do not understand the current craze to have cupboards that go to the ceiling. It’s a total waste. Maybe they’re ok with eight-foot ceilings, but not with ten.

When we remodeled the kitchen, I took everything out of the top row of cupboards and didn’t put anything back in.

I love my pantry. It’s my favorite room. I love walking in and seeing everything at one glance. But it gets messy really easy although this first picture isn’t too bad.

pantry remodel


I can’t believe I painted this room green. The white is much better, don’t you think?

pantry remodel


Looking better, huh?

pantry remodel


I bought some gray herringbone Contac paper to line the shelves. The blue trim is Washi tape.

pantry remodel



pantry remodel


The final product. Baking items are on the right, including items, like flour, sugar, nuts, raisins, nuts, cereal. On the left are main course items, canned goods and dressings, sauces, etc.
pantry remodel


I empty almost all boxed containers into clear ones. I am continually picking up clear containers at garage sales and Goodwill. I made these tags a couple of weeks ago. I don’t really need them, I just think they’re cute.pantry remodel


I keep overflows on the top shelf.
pantry remodel


Here are more containers.

pantry remodel


I just picked up these red-topped vintage glass containers a couple of weeks ago. They were former instant-coffee containers.

pantry remodel

pantry remodel

Do you see the “sparkles” just above the vintage brown crockery pieces? They are stick-on sequins and they are scattered throughout the walls and on the ceiling. I had to have some “bling”.


I threw this picture in just for you to have a good laugh.  I really do know how to spell “pantry”. When I saw this, I roared. As did my husband. Once I had it corrected, I realized that this was not the best place to put the word anyway. After all, once you open the door, you know you’re in a pantry. Right?

pantry re-do


So this made more sense. Yes, I know the “y” has to be re-positioned. It keeps falling off.

pantry remodel

I hope you enjoyed my tour.

God bless and have a good day.

bedroom addition

Yea! The bedroom is almost done.

Yea. Things are progressing pretty much on schedule. A contractor finishing his work ahead of time. What alternative world am I living in?

Plus, the cost. Looks like it’s right on target.

Was painted yesterday. Polar Bear White my Behr. At least that’s what the lady in the paint department said during the first go-round. I took in a piece of watercolor paper and it color-matched because my favorite white, Cottage White, just didn’t look right to me. So I call it Watercolor Paper white.

Then when I had to buy another gallon, the woman told me it wasn’t Polar Bear white. It was a custom color. Hope she’s right because I like the idea of Watercolor Paper white better. Sounds so much “artier”.

Here’s some pics. Look closely at top and you can see the peak. The odd-looking triangle “thingee” is where the fan goes. After all, it’s a peaked ceiling and the fan has to be attached to a reinforced area. Kind of cool though.

bedroom addition


My closet. Has a light and a switch. Yea!!!

bedroom addition


This picture shows how the closet walls go up to the peaked ceiling. Look up to the right-hand corner.bedroom addition


The flooring is by Pergo. It wasn’t my first choice. My first choice, believe it or not, was a linoleum that looked like bleached wood. But we do not heat the cabin in the winter so I couldn’t do that. This was a close second, though.
bedroom addition

cabin bedroom

Some really exciting news about “teeny tiny red cabin”

(So it’s been a busy week. This was supposed to have posted Wed. Anyway, here it is.)

Yea. Picture me jumping up and down.

I have some exciting news.  Teeny tiny red cabin (it the cabin’s name, like “Barbara Sue”)  is having a baby. An addition.

I’m having some anxiety about all this with some fear thrown in, too. I’ve never done this before. When we had the bunk house built, there were models to pick from. All I did was point and say, “I want that one.” Then the Amish came and built it. “Ba da boom, ba da bing.” I watched and it was done in a day. The watching and paying for it was the only thing I did. This is a whole new ball game.

Teeny tiny red cabin will still be small, under eight hundred square feet, but now she’ll have her own bedroom. This has been in the works for the past couple of years but finally, we’ve found a contractor who seems to be trustworthy and communicative. It will free up space we are using now for the bed.  The futon will go here.

cabin bedroom

Designing a space from the ground up isn’t easy. I’m a total visual learner and until the walls are up, I won’t be able to “see” what I want as far as door and window placement.

The bedroom will be the biggest I have. Our main residence is an old farmhouse with small bedrooms. This one will be the size of our bunk house, twelve by sixteen.

I did some research on interior design and these dimensions almost reflect what is called, the “golden rectangle.” To be totally a golden rectangle, it would have to be eighteen feet long but I couldn’t afford the extra two feet. Besides, if you know anything about drywall (sheet rock) panels, you know they come in eight or sixteen-foot lengths. We had originally planned on the length being fourteen feet but then I realized I would be throwing away some drywall. (Do the math.) I’d often read that it’s almost as inexpensive to go a little bigger so we did. But to add in the other two feet meant, of course, that would be throwing away at least six feet of drywall.

A perfect rectangle would’ve been twelve by eighteen. So I’m almost there.  But seeing as no one I know is even aware of this golden rectangle rule, I’m good.

I am nervous about this. I’ve never been involved with an addition. I’m going to be on pins and needles for a couple of months. I’ve already driven the contractor a little nuts. But that’s OK. That’s what he’s getting paid for.

I will keep you updated with pictures when construction starts which should be next week. I will even ask your advice from time to time. The room will be white and will have vaulted ceilings. I wanted shiplap but that’s more money, of course, and I decided more floor space was more important.

Here are some pictures that inspired me. Tomorrow I’ll tell you where the bed will be and why. It’s very feng shui.

The bed will be on the peaked wall like this picture but without the window. Hey, maybe just one wall in shiplap?

bedroom for cabin

Am having a few beams at the ceiling for dimension. Don’t know if I’m going to install any overhead lighting or a fan because, think about it, how do you clean them?

white bedroom


This flooring is wonderful. And guess what, it’s vinyl sheeting. My friend has it in her sunroom and it’s wonderful. This is a three-season cabin so any other type of flooring won’t work. But that’s ok because I love, love, love this. Gosh, I’m getting really excited just talking about it.

bedroom floor

For once in our lives, hubby and I have decided we want the room to be “turn-key” ready. For those of you who don’t know what this means, it means we’re not doing anything. Except it really won’t be “turn-key” ready because we are making the barn door ourselves. We wanted to have our hands in something so this is what I chose. Besides, can you see a contractor even “getting” this? Hubby hasn’t seen this barn door idea yet and he’s probably going to freak out but I’m determined it’s going to look like this. Can’t you just imagine this?

barn door for bedroom


Here’s what our “bedroom” looks like now. This isn’t even a room. The area here is the size of the bed with about one extra foot on each side so we can get it. We bought the bed with the cabin and it will go into the new bedroom. It’s a log bed so it will look great on my floor, don’t you think?

cabin bedroom



Gosh, just writing about it has calmed my nerves and got me excited about it. That is going to be the hard part. Allowing myself to enjoy the process while I’m still grieving the loss of the mother. I would so have loved to tell her about this. She would have been excited for me.

You might ask why we are starting this now. This isn’t a snap decision. We have been contemplating this for a couple of years.  We both decided there’s no reason not to move ahead with the project.

I hope you’re going to enjoy the process with me.

God bless and have a good day.

Next week could be rough

Next week could be a problem.

My brother is going to be out-of-town for six days. I have made arrangements for twenty-four-hour care for my mother. We are concerned about how she will do in the evenings. I will be there until she goes to bed but if she wakes up in the middle of the night and sees someone unfamiliar there, we don’t know how she will react.

I am not spending the nights with her because I won’t sleep a wink. I’d be worried I might not hear her. Falling is a real concern. Plus, I have to stay healthy for the long-term.

So if any of you feel so inclined, I would appreciate your prayers. My brother will be gone Saturday through Thursday.

I am feeling particularly anxious about this. But I keep reminding myself of Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Hopefully, I will be right back on schedule for Monday, ’cause I want to start writing about spring projects.

Oh, by the way, the following pictures will give you a hint.

Have you ever tried to chip mastic off of a cement base? In one word:



removing tile/2017


Do you see all those little ridges of mastic? They have to be chipped down to no more than 1/8 inch.

Fun, huh? So think about me as we finish this up today and tomorrow. Then there’s the carpet to rip up.


God bless and have a good day.






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