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Can we be too cheap sometimes?

I wonder if any of you are like me, too cheap, at times.

Sometimes we need to quit thinking so “cheap”. “Cheap thinking” is, by my personal definition, trying so hard to save a dime that we work against our own natural energy and strength.

For example, I’ve been changing things up a little in my home. My mantle has always presented a challenge. I had this great little card table that used to sit in front of the fireplace on the floor. (Naturally, I didn’t take pictures.)

Anyway, it was a card table I painted white and in the middle was a deer head. I had a brain spasm one day and decided, “Hey, I’ll take the table apart and hang it on the wall.”

Great idea, huh?

Well, it would’ve been had I not decided the deer head was too small. So, I took it down, peeled off the deer head (it was paper), enlarged it, traced it on some heavy board, cut it out, re-pasted to the table and put it back up on the mantle. Still didn’t like it.

So I spent a considerable amount of time looking around the house for something I could put together quickly. Nothing caught my eye.

That’s when I gave in and decided to go shopping. Now, to me, that’s a failure. It means I’m going to spend money on something I wanted to make myself.

I do this all the time. I can be so cheap, I put extra stress on myself. So I gave in bought this rusty windmill.

mantle 2017


I’m not particularly fond of the other items;   I need more “bulk”, but that’s going to have to wait.


Besides, this is Holy Week.

holy week


A reminder that while:

Grace is free, it isn’t cheap.

Grace was purchased at a huge price. Grace could’ve been purchased “cheaper”, maybe without the death of God’s only son. But God put too precious of a price on our heads; it demanded a huge sacrifice.

Thank goodness, God looked down on his people and decided not to hold back. Thank goodness, God is not like me, cheap.

God bless and have a wonderful Easter weekend and remember that God considers you priceless.


When I think about “cheap” I sometimes think of people who “cheapen” the grace of God.

As I’ve said often:

Grace is free but itsn’t cheap.



Remembering the sacrifices and behaving like we do

Hubby and I visited my dad’s cemetery to freshen up the site and place new decorations.

My father was a WW II veteran although he never engaged in combat.

However,  he had his battle scars because of where he was stationed during his time in the service. He suffered severe chronic bronchitis his entire life. I have not to this day ever heard anyone cough like him.

It was heartbreaking.My brother is a Vietnam veteran and was right in the thick of some of the now infamous  battles we associate with Vietnam. Thank goodness he was never a P.O.W.   He doesn’t talk about Vietnam to this day.

I am so grateful for my freedoms. To me all the political nonsense going on is still proof that we live in a democracy.

I just hope some of these so-called “protesters” realize that their freedom to protest was bought with a price.

Today especially, we need to show respect to those whose political views differ from ours. As long as our rhetoric doesn’t encourage harm towards anyone, every person has a right to express their views.

Let’s be the nation our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and friends gave up so much for. Let’s make sure that the living veterans  never regret their sacrifices and that those who didn’t make it, are remembered for the heroes they were.

God bless the USA!!!





Physical therapy and God’s therapy can hurt. A lot.

The Pain

So-o-o-o today I started physical therapy because I’m not healing as well from my foot surgery as I should. The therapist found places to hurt I didn’t even know I had. But it felt good afterward and I am hopeful I will learn some exercises that will ease the discomfort.

physical therapy

But it got me to thinking. Continue reading “Physical therapy and God’s therapy can hurt. A lot.”

What is love, really?

God loves you./Google images.

God loves you./Google images.

(This is a distinctly evangelical post. Just letting you know.)

The name Maundy is derived from the Latin word “mandatum”, meaning a commandment.

Jesus Christ, at the Last Supper, commanded: “And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34.

Today is Maundy Thursday.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know that Maundy basically means “commandment”. And that makes sense as Jesus gives a new commandment on that Thursday.

I also have to perfectly honest in saying I don’t really know what “love one another” really means. Do you think that’s strange that I don’t know? I mean, doesn’t everyone know what love is?

Do you?

Does anyone?

We use the words “love” very indiscriminately. I just love pizza. Didn’t you just love that movie? I just love this or that person.

Love is not a noun. Love is a verb. Love has little to do with how I feel and everything to do with my actions.

When I read Scripture I don’t get the sense that Jesus did everything He did because He felt this warm mushy feeling we’ve come to associate with love. That kind of love would have quickly evaporated during His crucifixion.The kind of love Jesus is referring to and the kind He demonstrated on Good Friday is the kind that always does what is best for a person. It means putting aside our own agenda and feelings and doing the right thing for the people in our lives.

No, it’s not hypocritical do something for someone even if you don’t feel like it. That’s what love is. It’s easy to do things for people we love. It certainly doesn’t prove what love is. It’s when we do the right thing for people even when we don’t feel like it, that we are demonstrating the kind of love Jesus is talking about.

I’ll be honest one more time and say I sometimes don’t feel like doing the right thing. And sometimes I simply don’t. Sometimes I’m just too tired and need some “down” time. But then I’m right back at it. Not because I’m anyone special. Trust me, I’m not.

It’s because I’m finally grasping how God’s love sustains me. That no matter how much I might love, I’ll never come close to loving as I should. How do I know that? Because I’ll probably never be called on to give my life for anyone and if I were I’d probably fail the test.

So no matter how unloved you might feel tonight, how undeserving you feel of God’s love, remember what Maundy Thursday is all about. Jesus knew He what was about to go through. And yet He said, “Love one another AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.”

He said this knowing that He was going to die for something He didn’t do. For something He didn’t deserve. For someone He didn’t even know. For all the someone’s a thousand years down the road of history.

You are one of those “someone’s”. No matter what you’ve done in the past, no matter what you are doing today, no matter what you do tomorrow, Jesus died so you could be free of your chains.

You don’t have to say any special words. You don’t have to clean up your act first. You don’t even have to clean it all up tomorrow. You only have to believe God exists and that He sent His son to die for you. After that, if you’re sincere, God will lead you and you’ll start to figure it all out.

God bless you.

olympic challenges

I was watching the Olympics this past winter and I was really impressed with their efforts and their sacrifices. But then I got to thinking about the heroes of everyday life. I know a few of them myself. People who have overcome great odds, people who will face great challenges in their future.

But what about the people we know who never achieve such fame but whose challenge is every bit as great? I know a number of people who deserve Gold Medals for various reasons. People battling cancer. Parents of children with special needs. Young couples struggling to make ends meet financially. Older people fighting loneliness. Those suffering the loss of a loved one.

I’m not diminishing the efforts of these Olympians, but sometimes we get so caught up in the drama and the glitz that we don’t see what’s right in front of us–people who deserve our applause no matter how small their stage. So the next time you want to cheer someone, look for someone in your own life that deserve your applause.

It could be that person you know who battles depression. They are Olympian athletes in their own right but in their case, their heroic efforts are seldom noticed. I know someone like that. She has lived her whole life under its shadow and yet has managed to find joy wherever she can. No one sees her fight but I do. She is my hero.

So today look around for someone to award a “Gold Medal”.  Give them your encouragement, your support, your applause.  And what about you?  Do you deserve your own medal? I think each of us is brave in some way. I think each of us overcomes challenges every day that no one knows about. So today if it’s been one of those challenging days, give yourself a medal. You deserve one.

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