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this white woman can’t jump

Ok, by now you know I’m recovering from foot surgery.  You also know this isn’t my first go-around.

So I have a best friend who is an OTA (occupational therapy assistant). I asked her to come over and help me with walking on crutches. You should also know I borrowed two walkers, a knee scooter and then the crutches. covering all my bases.

Ours is a two-story home, not exactly convenient. I wanted to be on the main floor most of the time. So where is the problem, you ask?

Well, this is a one hundred year old home and when an addition was constructed, instead of making the new floor level with the old there are two steps from the entryway, bathroom, laundry room area into the main living room area. Did you get the part about the bathroom?

If I’m on the main floor, there’s the bathroom accessibility problem. So I asked my friend to help me figure out how to get up and down those two steps with crutches. Easy, peasy, right?

You know when you see those people getting ready to jump out of airplanes for a free fall and the just can’t do it? Or when someone’s thinking about jumping off a diving board into a pool? Well, that is me.

jumping off a cliff

jumping off a cliff

I’m not kidding you. I COULD NOT jump onto that first step. No matter how much I wanted to. And getting down those two steps? Not on your life.

kids on crutches

kids on crutches

The crutches were in place. I was holding them correctly and everything. But do you think I could make that jump? NOPE. It was like my foot was glued to the floor.

I mean kids can do it. I can’t. Am I weird or something or just totally uncoordinated?

Before you think I’m really weird, remember I can’t put any weight on the foot in the “Skywalker” brace.

lovely "stormtrooper" brace

lovely “stormtrooper” brace

Nada. Nothing.

You try and jump from a standing still position up a step. I mean deer can do it but I can’t. I can jump just not UP a step.

Go try it. Try jumping up to a step on one foot. Or NOT.

Anyway, we laughed and laughed. This is one set of steps I’ll be going down on my butt.

going down the steps

going down the steps

There has to be something to laugh about because every time I move my foot, it’s like a knife is being plunged into my ankle.

After that macabre statement, God bless and YOU have a good day.

’twas the day after surgery and it hurts

(This was supposed to publish last night. I guess my in my drug-induced state, I screwed up. So pretend it’s yesterday.)

I’ve decided doctor’s lie.

doctors lie

doctors lie

You might be a “little uncomfortable”.

Translated accurately, “You will be in pain.”



They don’t lie on purpose. I mean would you want them to tell you in advance how bad the pain will be?

I knew better anyway. This is foot surgery number five and this time it involved inserting an implant which means shoving a foreign piece of metal into a space for which it wasn’t intended. If you want to see what they did to my poor foot go here but be forewarned, it might make you a little queasy.

And then there was the cutting into the tendon to loosen it up.

lengthening tendon

So you can see where I might be “a little uncomfortable”.

Oh, well, I have pain meds if it get’s too bad.

I told the doc ahead of time that I wasn’t going to believe a word he said anyway because it’s my fifth time around. Duh!!!

I know what he means when he says, “One week non weight-bearing” will be at least two weeks.

But we rented this little scooter which is a life saver. Monday I’ll tell you about me and crutches.

knee scooter

knee scooter

“Two more weeks in the brace” will be four weeks.

lovely "stormtrooper" brace

lovely “stormtrooper” brace. I’m all set for the new “Star Wars”  premiere

“Four weeks and you’ll be in shoes.”

Well, you do the math. As I’ve said, been there, done that.

Anyway, I know in a few months when I’m no longer limping this will be worth it all.


God bless and I hope YOU have a good day.

(p.s. I have a great doctor. Hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Would recommend him to anyone.)

(p.s. 2 Hubby and I are watching “Saving Private Ryan”. Sure helps me keep a healthy perspective. Our freedoms have been bought at such a price.)

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