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Being willing to vote our convictions

(I am copying this post from ????. That way those of you can read the original post and the follow-up in one post. who didn’t read it can read it with the follow-up immediately. You can decide for  yourself whether or not you think I followed my convictions. I will never present myself as anything but real. When I mess up, I will ‘fess up. I don’t think I did but you can decide for yourself. Here’s the first post.)

Willing to vote my convictions

Our church has been without a pastor for eighteen months. We had a candidate come this past Sunday. My husband and I were excited. We’re ready to start this new phase in our church. We listened attentively and with anticipation. After all, the search committee had been working hard, right? They decided on this man as the first choice to lead our church. We should just go along, right?


As I said, we really wanted to like this candidate. We wanted to give him a resounding “thumbs up”. It was a good sermon. He did a good job. He was personable. But we’re voting “nay”. We just don’t feel he’s the best choice. We wanted someone more challenging. We don’t need it but we wanted it. We could go ahead and vote “yes” so we could be with the majority, but isn’t that what gets people, nations, and churches in trouble? Continue reading “Being willing to vote our convictions”

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