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A good day in Paradise and how you can feel good

As I wrote yesterday, this will be a very random week of posts and thoughts.

Mom’s doctor’s visit yesterday revealed nothing more about her mental state that we didn’t already know. We just wanted to make sure there was nothing “medical” going on with her. She is losing weight, however. That has me concerned.

In case any of you suffer from depression, I want to let you in on a couple of things that we are doing for her that will also work if you are mood is in the toilet right now. (Sorry, for the “toilet” part but sometimes you just shouldn’t sugar coat things.)


First of all, turn on all the lights in the areas you will be in for most of the day. OPEN the drapes. Doesn’t matter if there is sun or not; there is light. And it reminds you that there is life out there.

BUT when it starts to get dark, CLOSE the drapes and continue to keep all the lights on.

We did this yesterday at my mom’s and she had no confusion last night.

Which brings me to this point:

It is the most simple and “natural” approaches that often work to manage and sometimes even cure many emotional and mental issues. Things like getting enough sunlight (and taking vitamin D supplements during the winter), getting enough rest, getting enough exercise, limiting sugar ( a big one for me.)

I’m going to say something here and I hope you understand that I’m coming from a place of love. (Plus the fact that I’ve walked this path of  “depression”.)

I’ve read countless blogs and talked with many, many people as a hospital chaplain, and Bible teacher. I am nothing short of amazed that people will continue their miserable state of affairs without even trying to get better.

Oh, they say they are trying to work on some issues when what they mean is they are taking their pills and feeling sorry for themselves. When they are pressed about whether they’re exercising, getting enough sleep, watching their sugar intake, monitoring their thoughts, finding companionship, etc, they’re not.

I have a number of family and friends who have suffered from depression or are now. The ones that are managing it and actually carving out some contentedness are those who do more than just take a pill.

Didn’t mean to go on a rant, but remember this is the week, I don’t edit myself too much.

Back to my mom. Do you see that we have initiated many different approaches to caring for her? We could have sat back and let her continue to slide downhill and continue to pump her with medication. At this point, we still have hope, not she might get a lot better but that she might not have to get any worse.

Readers, so very much of our feeling of well-being and peace depend on the choices we make.


Last night my hubby and I saw “Hacksaw Ridge”. It’s a story about a young conscientious objector in the armed forces who refuses to even carry a gun. Upshot to the story and not to give anything away that isn’t already published, this young soldier ends up single-handedly rescuing seventy of his fallen comrades. To watch the determination and choices he makes throughout this battle are such that the entire audience got up and clapped when the show was over. I had tears in my eyes most of the time, and wondering what I would have done given the choices he was given.

So this was my “rambling” for today. Hope it helped some of you.

God bless and have a god day.



God help us all.

God help us all! Exactly. After the election

I’ve heard the phrase, “God help us all!”, in relation to Trump’s victory. To which I respond,

“Yes, God help us all.

Help us be kind and loving. Help us listen  and respect those whose views are different from ours. Help us remember that it is you to whom we owe our allegiance.

Keep us humble. Keep us grateful for the good in our own lives and be willing to share that good through our “giving”.

Help our words to reflect our loving thoughts and when what  comes out of our mouth is anything but, help us to look at our heart from where all thoughts and words originate.

We pray for our new president-elect. Surround him with people who are followers of Christ, people who are willing to speak up and speak out. Keep him safe.

Heal our nation and let it begin with me.”

God help us all.

I understand the concerns of those who voted for Hillary Clinton but remember the people who voted for Trump also felt they were in the minority and they deserve to be treated fairly as well.

I feel that because I am a follower of Christ, because I believe human life begins at conception, I, too, have been a “minority”. I have been criticized for my “outdated” beliefs.

And yet we know now that babies born as young as six months can survive. Surgery can be performed in the womb. Our neo-natal care has come a long way. More and more we read about miracle births, babies that shouldn’t have survived but do. The much-touted science that liberals use to support climate change somehow is never applied to this subject.

I did not vote for Trump but he is going to be my president and I am going to support him just as I did his predecessor. I never disrespected President Obama either even though I didn’t agree with him much of the time.

I admit there are real problems in our nation but the solution to those problems will never be solved by such statements as “God help us all.” Can and should people express their concerns? Of course. Everyone can voice their opinion but let’s start measuring our words a little more carefully.

Every time we utter a careless or emotionally charged word, we add to the problem.

Don’t be afraid. God is bigger than any political election.

God bless and have a good day.



Why I needed Bob Seeger this morning

Where is Bob Seeger when you need him?

I took my walk last week. I needed Bob Seeger, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Elvis Presley.  They were nowhere on my new phone. I forgot to save them to the “cloud”, so I had to walk in silence. Not a good think when you just want to be distracted.

But I guess God decided we needed a heart-to-heart “walk and talk” session anyway. There was a lot on my mind that morning, and none of it good.


Why I needed Bob Seeger this morning

I have some decisions to make. None of them easy.

But it was a beautiful fall morning and while nothing got solved, I enjoyed the quiet for a change.

Why I needed Bob Seeger this morningI’m trying to incorporate more and more “quiet” into my life these days. I’m tired of all the political bickering and just want it all to be over soon.

Don’t you, really?

I think sometimes we are afraid of the quiet. We don’t want to be alone with our thoughts. They might reveal “us” to “us”. 


But one of the hallmarks of our time with God should be silence. How else is God going to get through all the “earthly babble”? I used to be a guest soloist at churches when that kind of thing was the tradition. Now, it’s worship teams. There was one song I performed frequently, “In Heaven’s Eyes”. The song refers to this earthly babble that God has to get through.

It was recorded by a number of vocalists but I really like this one by this beautiful young woman.

So the next time your life is too “noisy”, take a break and surround yourself with silence and give God a open airway to your heart.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.




connecting the dots

week in review and a bittersweet week coming up

This has been a kinda’ quiet week and some good things have happened. We learned why my mom has felt so bad lately;  she’s quite anemic. That was good news because we were grasping at straws where her health was concerned.

I pray for wisdom about my mom every day. I ask God to direct me to whatever resources will lead me in the right direction. So last week I insisted my mom be scheduled for a complete blood panel and that’s when we learned she is anemic. Had God not put the thought in my head about more blood work, she might have ended up in the hospital again.

I began the week praising God publicly for so many good things in my life.

Somehow, I missed Tuesday but Wednesday I wrote about ANTS. I’m not telling you what that is about. You’ll just have to read that post.


Thursday was a post about honoring God and how we do that.

how we honor God


Friday was a post centering on Philippians 2:3.

connecting the dots

This next week is bittersweet for my hubby and I. Our oldest grandson is going to spend the week with us. He leaves for college this fall so this is our last big hoorah. He and his grandfather are going to be fishing A LOT! And wouldn’t you know it, my husband pulled a muscle in his thigh today and can barely walk.

Can I ask for prayer for him? This is an important week for the three of us and it would be awful if he and our grandson are unable to do all they planned.

God bless and have a great week-end.


Depression has a really big voice

When we’re depressed, it’s so easy to become a “couch potato”.  We turn on the television just for background noise and then find ourselves aimlessly watching anything on the screen. Pretty soon the day is gone.

We go to bed frustrated. It never occurs to us that maybe we had something to do with it.

Sometimes we don’t see the connection between the seemingly innocent things we do, like watching tv, and the final outcome in our mood.

If we’re choosing to watch a television show and it doesn’t impede us from getting on with our lives, that’s ok. But it needs to be a conscious decision. We need to be the ones calling the shots, not our old nemesis, depression.

Depression has a voice, a really big voice.

So back to the tv. We hear stories of “other people’s lives”. We are bombarded with commercial messages telling us we need more than we already have. This only adds to our already pervading feelings of “less than”. Why do we do this?

We simply don’t want to be alone with our thoughts. It’s scary.


If we’ve fallen victim to depression in the past, we have every reason to be afraid of being alone with our thoughts. It’s what got us here in the first place, right? So we fill our lives with non-constructive busyness.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • We can be alone with our thoughts.
  • We can endure the silence.
  • We can learn to choose what we allow into our lives, into our minds.

We might even find that our thoughts become clearer and not nearly as frightening as we thought they would be when we turn off the outside “noise”. We may feel very uncomfortable with silence at first. But it’s a good idea to include some of it into our lives every week. We don’t need to regularly expose ourselves to television’s “junk food”.

Here’s an interesting quote to finish this post. It’s from Horatio W. Dresser, author and one of the earliest and most distinguished contributors in the field of mind, body, and soul interaction.

“We all find ourselves in particular circumstances that may appear to be holding us back for whatever reason, but we still have the awesome power to decide how to respond to those circumstances with our thoughts and actions.  We can always affect the outcome.  We always have choices.  Often we forget just how much power that fact truly gives us.  


And in another part of his book:

It is universally known that there is a natural healing power resident in the body……Many people have learned to relax and keep quiet like the animals, giving nature a free opportunity to heal their maladies.”

So far today, let’s eliminate the “junk” we allow into our lives. It just adds to the garbage it’s already there. Only so much ‘junk” is recyclable.

God bless and have a good day.

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