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green vase

We can all be tempted to “spew”

(I posted this four years ago but it’s a good reminder that given certain circumstances, we can all be tempted to spew out harsh words.)


I found this fun vase at a thrift store in Florida and I so wanted it to take it home.  But my husband and I had flown down to Florida and only had one carry-on piece of luggage apiece.  My husband bought it anyway and said he had room in his suitcase.  Seeing as it was carry-on luggage, we figured we could get it home unbroken.

We arrive at the airport and hand the boarding passes to the agent.  He waves me through and I head down the tarmac but my husband is not behind me.  I wait a few minutes and he’s still not there.  I go back to the entrance and my hubby is having a “discussion” with the agent about the fact that he (my husband) had one too many pieces of luggage and he would have to check the piece of luggage that is holding my precious five-dollar vase.

My hubby was carrying my computer case so he had three items. (I should add that my husband at this point had extensively traveled internationally and certainly knew how much luggage he could carry-on. However, this trip we didn’t use his frequent flyer status because the tickets were so cheap we didn’t want to use his earned miles.)

I offered to take my computer case but then I would have three items because the agent was considering my small purse as luggage!

We have traveled extensively and this is the first time my purse has counted as luggage. (Now I want you to know that our carry-ons were easily half the size of what most people carry on. We pack very lightly.) Our computer bags are also small.  So I tell the ticket agent that I can easily put my purse inside my carry-on as I have plenty of room.

Problem solved.



He was one of those agents one runs across now and then that seems intent on making a traveler’s life miserable. He said it was too late as he’d already tagged my husband’s luggage.  God forbid he had to do any work. At this point, I am so ready to call him a jerk when I realize that:

(1) I might never get on the plane,

(2) The flight has already been delayed two hours,

(3) It’s ten o’clock at night,

(4) We have a two-hour flight plus an hour-long ride home from the airport still facing us and

(5) We started this trip home eleven hours earlier and we’re tired. (It took us only two hours on the flight down.)

When we arrive at our destination, I took pictures of how much luggage some people were carrying and that made me even madder. We still don’t get why we were singled out and there’s a letter going to the airline for sure. During that whole two hours of flight, I was fuming the entire time.

Aren’t you wondering how this story turns out? Well, let’s just say my vase has a prized spot on my fireplace, all in one piece. Yea! (Of course, it’s no longer green.)

I came close. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I wanted to get home as scheduled, I could have easily succumbed to a tirade of angry words.

I tried to tell myself the agent was just having a bad day. That’s not an excuse, of course. We all have bad days. But I decided his bad day wasn’t going to become mine.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



estate sale art supplies

Great estate sale finds. Check it out

Ok, I went to the mother of all estate sales over the weekend. And not necessarily in a good way. Never in all my years of estate sale shopping have I seen such a  mass array of “stuff”.  I felt sorry for whoever had lived there. It was that bad.

The humidity was sky-high so the smells were even worse. I had to leave. How my friend was able to stay, I don’t know. But said friend wanted to back the next day because it was less humid and there would be less to have to search through. Reluctantly, I agree because everything would be half price.

I’m glad I did.

It was still a mess but now you could at least get through the piles and see what was there.

I found this almost new sheet set for three dollars.

estate sale sheet set

Then I gathered up some sewing supplies. I especially like the tape measure because it’s longer than most, lightweight, and will roll up easily so I can keep it in my purse. Each was twenty-five cents.

estate sale sewing supplies

Finally, some art supplies which was a really good find as our grandson is coming to spend a week with us next week, and this will work for him. I’m very happy with the sketch pad. Have you ever priced these? They’re not cheap. I did good, huh?

estate sale art supplies

Of course, having been in that home gave me great impetus to clean house. But only when on a rainy day. If you live in Michigan, you want to be outside every chance you get.

God bless and have a good day.

An interesting read about not buying new clothes

garage sale findI was scrolling through some blogs on Pinterest and came across a blog post that peaked my interest.

What really caught my attention was the second half. I wonder though about what she says about the clothes that are donated to thrift shops. I certainly buy a lot of my clothes there as do many of my friends.

I’m going to ask the next time I’m at Goodwill what they do with the clothes they don’t sell.

garage sale find

Anyway, it’s an interesting read.

God bless and have a good day.


(BTW, I posted this from my phone so I’m not sure how the link will show up. You may have to copy and paste.)

garage sale find

My great garage sale finds. You’ll like them.

Thought I’d share what I found at garage sales Saturday. The tins were fifty cents. The Ritz can is an antique so I probably won’t paint that one. But the other two? Well, you know me and paint, especially spray paint.

garage sale finds

These little plates are plastic with gold trim. I fell in love with them. Aren’t they adorable? I can’t believe I paid what she asking. I seldom do that but I just fell in love with these.

garage sale finds

And I love these coasters; fifty cents for eight of them. Why not a little bling?

garage sale finds

And then finally, the vintage tablecloth. I scored this little beauty for fifty cents. It had a spot on it and I wasn’t sure if it would come out and the owner reduced the cost. As it turned out, it did come out. What I particularly like about this table cloth is that it’s square and my kitchen table is square so it will be a good fit.

garage sale find

I love the white border.

garage sale find

I think I spent a whole $4.50. Not bad, huh?


What IS “Victoria’s Secret” anyway?

Have you ever wondered what Victoria’s secret is?


I mean she must have one, right?

Psst. I think I know.

Actually, I think you know, too. You just don’t want to admit it.  What prompted this discussion is that I just saw a Victoria’s Secret commercial and it got me to thinking. Here it is:

Victoria’s secret has figured out a marketing strategy to entice women to buy underwear, all one-eighth yard of it, at an obscene price.

If women have the money and want to spend it that way, that’s certainly a woman’s choice.  But I just don’t get it. I really don’t.  I resent even paying $5.00 for a pair of “undies”.  And bras, they’re ridiculous.  Even inexpensive ones are expensive.  Of course, I realize larger busted women probably do need to pay more and I get that.

I think my hesitancy to spend so much on underwear is because I managed a clothing store for a few years. If you knew the mark-up on clothes you would wait until everything got marked down to at least eighty percent off! The mark-up is that high.

That’s why stores can promote big sales at so-called huge reductions, they’re still making a profit.  Of course, the problem with waiting for the mark-down is that your coveted article may be long gone before it is reduced enough to tempt you. I’ve learned that one the hard way at times. So if it’s an item I really need, I have been known to splurge.

I like being a thrift shopper. I like getting compliments on what I put together and then get to say I bought it all at a thrift shop. “You’re kidding”, is a response I get often. When I do shop department stores, I always head to the sales racks first.

It’s that mark-up thing I just can’t get past.

Running a retail clothing store has ruined me because now I know The Secret.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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