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thinking of spring and my new pergola

I can’t believe I haven’t posted pictures of the pergola my husband and built this past summer.

Seeing as I’m feeling pretty stressed out now, thinking of sitting under my pergola as soon as spring hits just thrills me.

I can just feel the stressing oozing out of me as I lay on my beautiful antique glider. I’ve had this piece for years. A dear friend of mine found it for me at a curbside and called me. I love it. The other chaise lounge you will see I bought for ten dollars at a garage sale. It is wonderful. ┬áIt has inner spring cushions that weigh a ton though. Here’s the before and after of those two pieces and how the deck looks now. Then I will show you the actual construction.

antique glider

antique glider

I know they look pretty pathetic, don’t they?

Now here’s a slide show of the construction. The hardest part was getting the first boards squared. As it turned out, we made it a lot more difficult than it had to be.

Here’e the pergola in progress.

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Here’s the finished project.

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