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Alphabet of thanks: “K”


Just over three months I was sitting on the porch at the bunkhouse when I heard what I thought was a tiny, little “cry”.

I looked around for the source thinking it might be a wounded animal. I heard it again.

A rustle of leaves.

I kept looking.

Then I spied him, a tiny gray kitten coming out of the woods. It took me two days to lure him to a spot where I could rescue him. I had every intention of taking him to a no-kill shelter. Here he is at about one month old.


Except between that decision and finally getting him lured in and bringing him home,

Between that and cleaning up the little guy and giving him some real kitten food, something happened.

We fell in love with him.


The wooden spoon you see is not used for discipline. But when he wants to bite, I offer the spoon and it works. Yes, I read that in a cat book. He gets in the weirdest positions to sleep.Rambo


Us, the two people who vowed to never have a pet.

We didn’t admit it to each other:

-until a few weeks ago when someone offered to “take him off our hands” and we couldn’t do it.

-until I thought he was lost two weeks ago and was heartbroken. You can read that whole story here.

So hubby and I finally agreed, Rambo has a home.

We named him “Rambo” because any kitten that little who survived a night of rain and “critters has some serious survival skills.

So I am thankful for a little “KITTEN” who has brought us joy and revealed something about ourselves to ourselves.

He’s a wonderful little kitten. Used his litter box faithfully from day one. Follows us around like a puppy. Is extremely affectionate, annoyingly so at times. Travels in his carrier with no issues. Adapts to new surroundings with no problem. Isn’t finicky about his food. Learns quickly

So now we know, “Never say never.”

God bless and have a good day.

PS. Embarrassingly we are even thinking about buying him a new toy for Christmas! What has happened to us.


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