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week in review and why I’m glad God never gives up on me

emotional roller coaster

Did you ever have a week ,when you feel like you’ve riding an emotional roller-coaster? Up, down, and all around. Hopeful. Discouraged. Trusting God. Doubting God, etc.

If you’ve never had a week like this, then don’t bother reading this because you’re already perfect. šŸ™‚

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Remembering the sacrifices and behaving like we do

Hubby and I visited my dad’s cemetery to freshen up the site and place new decorations.

My father was a WW II veteran although he never engaged in combat.

However, Ā he had his battle scars because of where he was stationed during his time in the service.Ā He suffered severe chronic bronchitis his entire life. I have not to this day ever heard anyone cough like him.

It was heartbreaking.My brother is a Vietnam veteran and was right in the thick of some of the now infamousĀ Ā battles we associate with Vietnam. Thank goodness he was never a P.O.W. Ā  He doesn’t talk about Vietnam to this day.

I am so grateful for my freedoms. To me all the political nonsense going on is still proof that we live in a democracy.

I just hope some of these so-called “protesters” realize that their freedom to protest was bought with a price.

Today especially, we need to show respect to those whose political views differ from ours. As long as our rhetoric doesn’t encourage harm towards anyone, every person has a right to express their views.

Let’s be the nation our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and friends gave up so much for. Let’s make sure that the living veterans Ā never regret their sacrifices and that those who didn’t make it, are remembered for the heroes they were.

God bless the USA!!!





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