The week in review and how I fell off the wagon

This has been a good week. But I fell off the wagon on Friday. For months now, I’ve been amazingly disciplined with my exercise routine and eating habits. Until I saw a big bag of Cheetos at the grocery store. The bag practically jumped off the shelf into my cart. It was meant to be.


Are you wondering how guilty I feel now?

You’d be wrong if you thought I was feeling guilty.

I’m not.

Falling off the wagon for one day and for one bag of Cheetos is not the end of the world.

Just like one screw-up in our Christian faith is not either. Tomorrow I will be right back on track. I’ll exercise a little more, and eat a little less. Let’s face it:

most of our screw-ups  are not so serious that we can’t get right back on track. It’s all about having a plan and working it at least eighty percent of the time.

So Monday, I showed you what I found at garage sales on Friday.

Tuesday I posted about my lemon cake failure.

Wednesday  I asked, “What do you really believe about God, especially in regards to his omnipresence”?

Thursday I wrote about personal mission and asked if you had a hard time finding your own.

Friday I continued with the mission theme. I shared how I thought that until we meet the responsibilities we already have, we can’t expect God to help us find our unique mission.

So that was my week. I have no big plans for the weekend but I hope I sleep in one day. Oops, it can’t be tomorrow morning. I have a whole bag of Cheetos to walk off.

God bless and I hope you have a good weekend.



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