egg salad sandwich

the week in review and how much I hate hot weather

This week was hot. This is unusual for my part of the world. Ask me if I like hot weather

“Rebecca, do you like hot weather”?

“No, I do not”.

But then I don’t like really cold weather either.  I have a narrow comfort zone when it comes to temperature. I’m fine with mid-seventies to mid-eighties and that’s about it. 


And I think I really could feel a pea in my bed.

Moving on….

Monday I posted about another great cooking triumph, although it wasn’t actually cooked.

strawberry bruschetta

Tuesday was about what happens with your protective bubble bursts. I hope this post helped you when someone makes you feel guilty for something in which you bear no responsibility.


Wednesday I shared with you about a blog I follow whose author seems to be imploding and it’s painful watching it happen.guilty

Thursday I shared about my recent success with accomplishing my first CSS editing. Don’t know how far I will get with this but anytime I need to be thoroughly frustrated, I now have a way to accomplish that. 🙂

Friday I shared another cooking feat and how this is NOT a cooking blog. Trust me about this.

egg salad sandwich

Hope you’re week-end is great. It is cooler here today so I’m a happy camper.

God bless each of you.