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the week in review and yea, it’s our summer now

As my husband and I approached this summer, we had a lot going on. We knew if we could make it through the last week of July, the summer was ours.

Well, we made it. All the commitments are over and we are breathing a sigh of relief. Not that it all wasn’t fun and we loved it but it was just busy. 

I’m sure we’re not alone. Summer is usually busy for everyone. There’s all those outdoor projects that can’t get done any other time, at least if you live in Michigan. And then there’s all the stuff we want to do, the places we want to visit.

But here’s what happened last week.

Monday I took the day off as it was the 4th of July.

Tuesday I told you about the week with our six-year-old grandson.

Joshua 2016

Wednesday I posted twice, one being a total accident. I was having my morning devotions and when I do, I often get some inspiration for future posts so I go directly to my WP app on my phone and write down some thoughts. Apparently I hit “send” instead of “save draft” so you got this. Don’t even bother to go to the link. It’s like three words!

So the real post on Wednesday was about “trying”.  I loved writing that post because it really hit home for me. I’m way too guilty sometimes of “trying” and not doing.

Do or do not/Yoda

Then Thursday I wrote about  how the word “try” is not in the Bible. Well, it is but it doesn’t mean trying the way we use the word today.

jumping a crevice

I missed Friday because I wasn’t feeling good a couple of days last week and I generally write my posts at least a day ahead of time. (My doctor’s visit was most interesting and not in a good way. I’ll tell you about it next week.) I think I really did have a “bug” because I feel just fine now. Or maybe it was the six-year-old that did me in and I needed some time to recover.:)

Joshua 2016

This morning I felt great and hit some garage sales. I found these three nesting tables I can’t wait to re-finish.





Can I just say, I’m a master “garage-saler”. (Is that even a word?) But really, most people love going to garage sales with me because I have an “eye” for a bargain. And I’m good at getting the price down on most items although I didn’t even have to bargain for the nesting tables. I merely asked what was their lowest price (they were marked eight dollars) and they told me five dollars. YEA! I must admit, I was really surprised because I expected them to be firm in their price because it was their first day and I was there very early. Actually, I think they had almost decided not to sell them. I got there at the right time.

The ribbed fabric was seventy-five cents and it’s about two yards. Not bad, huh? Only thing, it’s really stiff so I’m going to wash it and hope for the best. I plan on recovering some sofa pillows. The navy fabric will probably be napkins. It was twenty-five cents.

 nesting tables

God bless and have a great weekend.

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