the week in review/Aug 8, 2015

This week has been a little of everything.

I posted Monday how something as simple as decorating makes women feel in control. I think any creative process can do that.



Tuesday I started a new series, Tuesday Tidbits where I share some interesting piece of information I’ve gathered along the way.

tuesday 1

I showed you my adorable antique wicker settee on Wednesday. I’m so glad my husband suggested we bring it to the bunk house and that he was right about it fitting on the porch. I absolutely love it.


Thursday  I asked “Do you have a long-distance relationship with God?” For myself, I want to make sure that my relationship with God is as close as it can be.


This is has been a very busy week as we continue to dismantle our kitchen in our remodeling process. Can’t wait to show you the pictures. But it will be a while because the work that we are hiring out is backed up for a few weeks. So we are taking this time to paint our cabinet doors. What a job!

Anyway, I hope you’re week-end is great.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.