the week in review/depression, anxiety, prayer

Boy, is May a busy month for us. Yardwork, graduations, open houses, birthdays, mother’s day, a few trips……


I’ll bet I’m not alone though. May is a busy month for a lot of people. But it’s a busy month filled with people I love and that’s¬†always a good thing, right?

I usually don’t post on Sundays but last week I did. It was about Mother’s Day gifts and the best one you can give.

gifts for mom

Monday I posted about how I make decisions and how:

Peace is a state of being, not necessarily an emotion.

Tuesday I wrote about depression and how our depression can control us if we let it.

Wednesday was a great day for me because I exhausted myself in my gardens. Now you may wonder why exhaustion was good but you’ll just have to read about it here.


Thursday was about anxiety and one way I handle anxiety attacks.


Friday was a tip about caring for elderly parents suffering from memory loss.

memory loss

God bless and for all of you women out there, Happy Mother’s Day.