Wait till you see my great clothing finds

Continuing with yesterday’s theme, I thought I’d post some pictures today of the great clothing items I found at Goodwill and a garage sale. Can I just say………….

I’m an awesome thrift store shopper.

great shoppper

My friends love to go shopping wit me because I can “see” things that they don’t. I see the possibilities which is probably why I hate the saying

“It is what is it is.”

No, it is is what it is only because someone hasn’t thought of something else. ¬†It is what it is because someone gave up.

Anyway, enough of that rant. Here’s a silk skirt I found. The colors are much more vibrant. The fabric is gorgeous. Price? One dollar-Goodwill.

floral silk skrt

This little top is in perfect condition. Price? One dollar-Goodwill

orange floral skirt

Here’s a great shawl. Price? Goodwill-$1.00.

plaid shawl

This great green print top for spring. Goodwill-$1.00

green striped top

This skirt I purchased at a garage sale. Garage sale, $1.00. It was never worn and firs perfectly.

brown flounced skirt

This sweater is Ann Taylor and is in perfect condition. Goodwill, $2:00

teal sweater

Simple tank top from Old Navy. Brand new. Goodwill $2.00

striped shell

I love, love , love this red and white top. Goodwill, $3,00. I was a big spender on this one.




red and white top

Isn’t this white top adorable. Check our the little ruffle on the bottom. Goodwill, $2:00.


And finally this adorable Ann Taylor top. The fabric on this is so soft and beautiful. The sleeves are 3/4 length.  Goodwill, $2:00.

purple print top



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  1. It’s funny but my husband and I were talking about how we’d react if we won the Lottery. My first thought was, “Oh, no. No more thrift shopping. But, of course, that’s not true. I could never give up thrift shopping. It’s in my blood. So it’s a good thing we didn’t win, huh? God bless and thanks for commentiing.

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