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week in review and why I’m glad God never gives up on me

emotional roller coaster

Did you ever have a week ,when you feel like you’ve riding an emotional roller-coaster? Up, down, and all around. Hopeful. Discouraged. Trusting God. Doubting God, etc.

If you’ve never had a week like this, then don’t bother reading this because you’re already perfect. 🙂

BUT this has been an amazing week because I think I’ve finally really internalized what it means to understand how God works in my life. God works uniquely in lives. Read the Scriptures and you will see this time and again. It’s not that his expectations or commandments are different for each of us, but he deals with each of us much like how parents treat their children equally but different. Some children only need a gentle “nudge”as discipline because they are so tender-hearted. Other children need a much firmer hand because they are so stubborn. (I won’t tell you which one I am.)

Anyway I started out with a post on Memorial day, encouraging us to remember the sacrifices veterans made to secure our liberty, and how we should honor that sacrifice by allowing free speech to go unhindered.  (Excerpt: Today especially, we need to show respect to those whose political views differ from ours.)

Tuesday I encouraged those who had to go back to work after a three-day week-end that work is better for us, anyway.) (Excerpt: Most of us do better with purpose and hard work. While it’s always good to get a break from the routine and the responsibilities, that can get old, too.)children playing

Wednesday I wrote about my experience with pulling weeds under my pine trees and how it reminded me of the way bad habits form. It’s not nearly as weak a link as you might think.  (Excerpt: And what makes all this interesting is that there is a point when even the most ingrained habit was nothing more than a little sapling. We didn’t pull it up then because we never dreamed it would become a habit.)


Thursday I shared about the roller coaster ride I was on that day. An emotional roller coaster, that is. (Excerpt: At first reading, these don’t sound so complicated but think about it in terms of your own life. How well are you doing keeping your emotions from interfering with your faith while at the same time keeping your emotions IN your faith?  By the way, this post got about ten times as many hits, grammar and typographical errors aside, as most posts. I think maybe it’s because it’s good to hear of how other people (in this case, me)  struggle with their faith at times.)


How living in the moment is always a good idea was Friday’s post. (Excerpt: We can over think almost everything. There’s comes a moment where worrying about something  makes our thinking unproductive. We are too caught up in the process.)

Rennovation of the Heart

Hope your week-end is wonderful and God bless.