week review and thoughts about memory making

Boy, has this been a busy month.

We just back from our week at the cabin and we came home to this, which was one of two Friday’s posts, (don’t know how that happened) so I’m doing things backward, starting with the oldest post first and then going in order. (This is only one spot. There’s much more.)

 storm damage

Friday’s other post was about redesigning a garden.



That was on the heels of a bittersweet week. As you know our oldest grandson spent the week at the cabin with us and it was probably the last time for a long time as he leaves for college in the fall. There were a few times, I really got choked up as I thought about it, but he never saw my tears.

I’m pretty sure he was feeling the same way although he’s too much of a teenage boy to ever say it, of course.

I thought about all the memories we’ve made at the cabin. Even thinking about them brings a big ole’ lump to my throat. But next week our seven-year-old grandson comes up for a week.


Now we get a chance to make different memories with him. We are truly blessed.

So backing up a little.

Monday I posted about keeping depression’s voice quiet. In other words, telling depression to “shut up”. This is one time, despite what your mother told you, it’s perfectly OK to say, “shut up”.

connecting dots

Tuesday I wrote about how routine helps manage depression. It’s really kind of amazing when you consider that something as simple as maintaining a routine can alleviate the symptoms of something as complex as depression.

morning routines

(Apparently I missed Wednesday which is probably why I posted two on Friday.)

Thursday I posted about gardens and how gardening can be compared to life.


This next week is going to be a humdinger as we try to clean up after the storm damage, and prepare for the next week with grandson number two.

But isn’t that what’s summer is all about?

Finally, God has really been working in my life lately. It’s like so many revelations are coming my way. No, not the prophetic or weird kind. I’m not seeing visions or any such thing. (wink, wink)

It’s more like God has unpeeled a few more of my layers and exposed me to me. Sometimes that hurts, but this time I feel comforted that God loves me so much, he continues to give me new insights. Of course, it isn’t just for me. It’s for anyone who genuinely desires a closer walk with God. That’s one of the most wonderful of God’s attributes, his availability.

So for now, I sign off. This is going to be a “workin'” week-end.

God bless and have a relaxing week-end for me. K?