What do you do when someone needs help?

I will be very careful how I write this. I follow a blog that I’m seriously considering “unfollowing”.

Mostly because I need to say something to this woman but don’t want to do it on her blog. That seems wrong to me. But she’s in big trouble and she doesn’t even know it.  And her followers aren’t helping too much as they seem to condone it as though there is no fall-out.


And the crazy thing is, none of her struggles are the least bit unique. (I don’t mean they aren’t bothersome to her. We each do struggle in unique ways. But what I am saying is that her response is over the top for the issue she is facing.)  No one is seriously ill. No one has lost their job. No one has died. But her behavior is going to cause some serious problems. And she writes about what she’s doing in almost a “flip” way, as though her actions have no consequences.

She’s a good writer and funny. That deflects many from seeing what is really going on. Funny people are like that, if you’ve ever noticed.

I wondered about her from the very beginning. I had kind of a “feeling” that something was not as it seemed. Over the year, her posts have changed and it seems she has spiraled down.

Have you known someone who demonstrates bad behavior but no one ever calls them out on it? I know you have. We all have. And most of us feel as I do, that were you to confront it, it wouldn’t do any good anyway. Why?

Because some people insist on learning the hard way. It’s “hands-off”. 

bad behavior

If I could contact this person privately, I would encourage her to see a doctor, I have a hunch she is suffering from a mental illness. I would also encourage her to cease putting so much information out there. But she hasn’t asked for my advice unless of course, that is exactly why she posts what she does. And, of course, that’s passive-aggressive. I can only hope someone who knows her personally is paying attention and will help.

While I share my life with you, I keep as many details private as I can, because I think our society has gone overboard with too much information. Not everyone wants to know every detail of everyone’s lives. It’s like those annoying cell phone conversations we are privy to. Don’t you just want so say, “Enough already”?

So if you know someone like this who is spinning out of control, I hope you will find a way to talk to them before they ruin their life.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



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  1. Just today I commented on one of the blogs I follow, which fits your description so well, and I told her something about what she needed to do, but I’m not sure if she wants to get better. Been there, done that.

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