weird dreams

What I really learned from my crazy, funny dream

I had a funny dream the other night.

weird dreams

(By the way, if you want to read an interesting article about dreams, especially lucid dreams, click here. I have actually experience lucid dreams myself. If you are a Christian, keep that in mind when you read this.)

I almost never remember them.

remembering our dreams

This one I did.


I was at my class re-union. (BTW, I looked great! Imagine me winking here.)

I made it a point to talk to everyone. I was a social butterfly. While I’m usually very uncomfortable in large settings, in my dream I was definitely “working the room”.

I remember that in my dream I thought everyone looked so much older. In my dream, I never imagined anyone was saying that about moi.

Anyway, I recognized many people from high school but

no one I knew back then recognized me!!!!

I was crushed.

I wasn’t a part of the “in” group in high school but I wasn’t exactly a social outcast either. It wasn’t a big deal in high school but knew most of my classmates and they knew me and as far as I know, everyone liked me.

class reunion

So why the rebuff?

Of course, dreams don’t have to mean anything. They can simply be a physical response to what we ate that evening or too much stress, etc. I did have a B.M.T Subway sandwich. (Are you curious what B.M.T. stands for? It’s Big Meaty Trio. Now you know.)

But as Scripture shows, God can speak to us through our dreams. In this dream, it was all about relationships:

Relationships change. But I believe that if the relationship was genuine and authentic, if the two people involved truly cared for each other, it only changes for the better.

If it doesn’t change for the better,  we feel rejected. We feel we’ve been “duped” and noo one likes to feel a victim.

But the dream ended on a high note.

I decided the rejection from those I had known wasn’t going to determine whether I enjoyed the evening or not. I reached out to people I hadn’t known in high school. Maybe those I hadn’t reached out to as I should. In the end, I overcame my initial feelings of rejection and enjoyed myself and made some new friends.

Never underestimate how God communicates with us.

God speaks through dreams
(I can’t vouch for this book. Have never read it. If you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I do believe and Scripture supports that God does, indeed, communicate with us in our dreams.)

I’m guessing God had been trying to get my attention in other ways. I’ve learned God never gives up on me when he’s trying to take me to a new level of maturity. In this case, I know the message.

It’s all about enjoying the life God has so blessed me with. There have been enough rough patches in the path and life being what it is, there will be more in the future. We really do only have today so:

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.


God bless and have a good day.








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