What is true change for a Christian or anyone for that matter?

(I apologize that I’m reposting this from yesterday. I’m posting from my cell phone and even with my very little fingers, I sometimes hit the wrong button. So if you’ve already read this, just ignore it.)

True change is never about circumstances. It’s always about us.

Yesterday I came up to the cabin. I was coming up anyway but decided to come up a day early to surprise my husband.

Funny thing, he was hoping I’d come up early. (Funny how God works.)

But I also felt the need to get away. I feel better now that I’m here but that’s because my circumstances changed. I still need to deal with what is bothering me.

That’s one example. Some other examples of change:

  • A teen-ager quits sulking because they’ve gotten their own way.
  • A college student receives better grades but only because he’s found a girlfriend who lifts his spirits and he feels like studying again.
  • A depressed person seems to be their old self again because an abusive spouse has left the scene.

Each of these people will revert right back to their old habits once their situation changes for the worse again.

They still own their problem.

Our greatest problems are never in our  circumstances. They are in us and unless we change we’ll always be captive to our changing landscape.

That applies to me as well. But I must say I’m doing so much better in this regards. In my case I carry far too responsibility for the well-being of other people. But I’m learning this can really drag me down and then I feel resentful to those very same people.

When all is well with them, all is well with me. This is wrong.

This is not what Jesus taught when he said “Love  one another.” And perhaps most importantly it’s not how Jesus lived. Jesus never cajoled anyone into change. He told them the truth and left their response up to them.

Even in forgiving , he said “Go and sin more.” Jesus always showed mercy but never acceptance nor justification of sin.

So just “change” alone is not enough. The sun shines, we feel we can take on the world. It’s overcast and dull, we’re lethargic and moody. (I’m not suggesting we aren’t somewhat affected by the weather but it should never be to the point that our whole focus of life changes.)

When Jesus said in Mark 7:21-23, “For from within, out of the heart of men, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality,  murders, etc, (I’ll let you like it up for the entire list,” he was saying that all our problems begin and end with us.

Not once does Jesus suggest circumstances are the problem.

More tomorrow.

God bless and I hope you have a good day and remember to keep praying about the violence that is getting to be all too common.

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