storm damage 2016

What you don’t want to see after a storm

Some weeks can be tough. Everything is going smoothly and then, whoa, one thing after another. This last week has been one of those.1111

First thing was our irrigation pump the day before we left for the cabin. Secondly, we had to have to sewer cleaned at the cabin and then there is this:

We’ve been at the cabin and just got home today. We knew there had been a storm with extremely high winds, sixty to seventy miles per hour, but surely a person doesn’t get hit twice from “wind sheers” do they?

Ummm, yes they do.

Here’s what we discovered as we drove up our driveway:















storm 2016

Thirteen years ago ur town was hit with a “wind sheer” as well. That time we had thirteen, yep, thirteen, trees come down. We looked like we’d been bombed! So we really weren’t worried as we figured what’s the chances of getting hit again.  Boy, were we wrong.


But we still feel fortunate because the house wasn’t hit. One really big branch came within about six feet of hitting our sunroom. Whew!

So we’ve been busy trying to do as much clean-up as we can to keep the cost down. Ask me if I’m tired.

“Are you tired, Rebecca?” Yes, I am.

But you just can’t get upset about some things. Well, I guess you can, but what good does that do? As long as no one is hurt and your family is safe, everything else is just “life”.

Considering the tragic events of this past week, I’m grateful that a few downed trees are all I have to worry about.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.


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  1. Considering the events of the past week, I feel grateful for every breath I take. I had a medical scare. But I obediently went to the hospital and had a procedure done, and they took care of the problems that could have become cancerous. That put my fears to rest.

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