When the Holy Spirit moves in the trees

I was taking my walk one day last week. It was HOT but it was also morning so I knew I could handle it. But then the strangest thing happened that left me with a great impression.

As I said, it was hot. And when I started walking there was no breeze.



Then I noticed a slight breeze. Hmm, I thought. That came out of nowhere.  As I’ve learned from my husband because he does this to check the wind direction for fishing, I looked up at the tops of the trees.

For the rest of the story…….

Not one leaf was moving.




Well, that can’t be, I thought. I’ll look at a different tree. So I did.

Nope. Not a leaf could be seen swaying in a breeze.

So now I’m thinking, did God provide a breeze just for me? I know God loves me but that was a stretch.

I kept walking and kept looking. After a few blocks I noticed a smallish tree with delicate leaves, and on the bottom branches I noticed maybe two or three small leaves moving ever so slightly. So slightly, I almost missed them.

And I heard God impress on my heart, “See, that’s just how the Holy Spirit works.”

Here’s my take-away….

We pray, pray, and PRAY for people, for situations. We pray for a long, long, l-o-o-o-o-o ng time. Days, weeks, YEARS.

But we see no movement in the person or the situation. We get so close to giving up. I don’t think that was particularly the case that morning, but I have been a little discouraged about a particular situation lately so maybe it was at the back of my mind.

I really felt this experience of not seeing any evidence of the leaves moving yet feeling the breeze, was God’s way of reassuring me that he is always listening, even when I’m not aware of it, even when I see no evidence. It was an encouragement to me to keep praying, to never give up.

Just as we can’t see the movement of the Holy Spirit, that doesn’t mean the spirit isn’t moving.

Think about it. Even when the Spirit is moving in our own lives to mature us,  there may be little evidence to the rest of the world in the beginning simply because the working of the Spirit hasn’t come to fruition yet. And so it is in the lives of others.

Sometimes when I get a little discouraged, I ask God to just give me a little encouragement, a little “breeze” of assurance. I feel that’s what that day was for me. A “breeze” of encouragement.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.




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  1. Thank you for this encouraging message. I needed that reminder. Kay

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