when you can’t help someone

I am sad . Not for me but for someone else.


This doesn’t seem like the right season to write this but is there ever a good time?

There is someone in my life that I think I could give up a limb for if I could make her happy.

helping others
helping others

I’m not a saint. Hardly. In fact I feel I’m quite selfish at times.

One of the reasons I want to help so badly is because then I can relax a little myself. So I can enjoy my own life. I’m one of those people who can’t really be happy myself unless the people around me are happy.


Am I the only one? Am I weird?

I never feel I’ve tried hard enough. I always think there must be something else I can do. Maybe I have to research it more. Maybe just think more.


I wonder how I’ll handle similar circumstances. Losing some of my independence. Feeling as though I’m no longer relevant. Not being able to see good, hear good.

The Bible says no other person can feel our pain. Only God can. I find that hard, too. I want to be able to feel her pain. Maybe then she wouldn’t feel so much.

But can I just say, because we’re human beings, we want more than that. We want answers. Not more questions.

And yet that’s what it all comes down to. The questions.

Hope this doesn’t sadden you or put a damper on your Christmas preparations. It’s just where I am now and I know I’m not alone.

I’ll bet there are any number of people feeling the way I am. The holidays seem to bring this kind of conundrum to the surface.


God understands sadness and He doesn’t judge us for it.  He also doesn’t say we won’t experience it. In fact, He says just the opposite.

But without sadness, joy would be colorless. Joy would be unappreciated. Joy would have no reason to exist.

God bless and I hope YOU have a good day.