Goodwill shopping

Why I don’t want to win the lottery

I realize I’m probably one of the few people who doesn’t want to win this present lottery.

For one thing, I’m happy as things are now.

I like shopping for my clothes at Goodwill because when I do I envision my bank account not getting smaller by too much. The money I save by not buying something at retail prices that will be out of style in no time anyway makes me feel smart. I like feeling smart.

Goodwill shopping

I love re-purposing and finding creative ways to use old products. Like these yarn cones I used on the kitchen table. They were one of my favorite projects and took about five minutes to put together.

yarn cones

yarn cones

A pile of pallet boards makes my little heart flutter. Here’s what I did last year with one board.

Since then there have been many more

blue juice container

I see beautiful yarn at JoAnn’s and can’t wait to knit up a bunch of scarves.

yarn balls

I see spray paint cans and almost can’t stand the excitement that courses through my body.

So far me, I’m not keeping my fingers crossed. (Although, hubby did buy two tickets yesterday. He likes the idea. We disagree on this point.)

We all like to say we wouldn’t change if we won a lot of money. But I think we would have to. Managing that much money, even if you did give most of it away, would only complicate a person’s life.

A million or two would be just fine. But a billion? I can’t even think in numbers that high!

Anyway, God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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