Why it’s OK, even great, to eat a Bavarian creme-filled pastry.

I am worried about a couple of people.

That’s the only thing that explains why I would schedule my last two posts for 3:00 am. They were supposed to post at 3:00 pm, but apparently I didn’t enter the time right. I forgot it’s military time which would mean I would schedule for 15:00.

So maybe today I should just relax and write something frivolous.

Like about the Bavarian creme-filled pastries from a local bakery, one of which I devoured this morning. The bakery is called Ryke’s and is well-known throughout my community and listed as one of top ten bakeries in Michigan.

Anyway, here what this delightful pastry looks like.


It’s a good four inches in circumference and a good two inches tall. I would tell you the number of calories except the bakery has a sign that says, “Don’t ask about the calories!” I’m afraid to test them.


No, I don’t eat one every day. I buy a few at a time (actually more than a few) and freeze them.

At Christmas I gave about four to my mail woman. She’s not speaking to me anymore.

I bring them to my mom to “fatten her up”. Would you believe when my mom was a young woman, her doctor actually prescribed she drink a milk shake every day. I’m her daughter but I didn’t get that gene. My brother did.

Isn’t that always the way?

This morning my dear husband picked up about a dozen and a half of these delights. No, they’re not all for me.

It’s my turn to provide the treat for our Bible study tonight. I was telling the group about them last week and none of them had ever had one. So they are each getting one tonight.

I’ll probably get kicked out of the Bible study.

Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and do something reckless. This is about as reckless as I get.

Well, I gotta’ run. No, really, I’ve got to “run” (meaning walk fast) with my hubby now to work off that beautiful pastry I ate this morning.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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  1. I try to avoid those as much as possible but since we have a big Easter event coming up. Time to get all the eggs filled and ready to go for the kiddos. All that chocolate and temptation.

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