wings of the wind


I love the imagery of the Psalms. I guess that’s because I’m a creative person and I love to visualize things. Colors, design, patterns all excite me. So when I come across a portion of Scripture that really speaks to that part of my brain, I get really excited.

Like today.

Psalm: 104. 3b and: ....”He makes the clouds His chariot;

He walks upon the wings of the wind.”

Can’t you just imagine it? God on a chariot of clouds. God walking on wings of winds.

It reminds me how God is beyond anything I can imagine. Sometimes I find that disconcerting because I want to intimate with Him and how does one become intimate with a Being that walks on winds? And yet, God says He can be known and we can feel close to Him.

Sometimes when I come across  a section like this, I imagine that I can do the same thing. Harness nature and all creation to do my bidding. It makes me feel kind of powerful. Know what I mean?

Maybe that’s why the Bible is packed with imagery. It’s meant to give us hope. It’s a way for our minds to escape the problems of this earth and to feel “celestial”.

I’m going to have this image in my mind all day. And I know that it’s going to be my rescue from the times my heart feels heavy.

Thank you God for the artistry that you encouraged in certain writers of the Bible. Can I just say, it more than makes up for certain other less exciting books. 🙂

2 thoughts on “wings of the wind”

  1. Yes for heavenly wind and with our a wings of life that flay and be lifted up from all worry and the Holy Spirits wilbe with us to move up toward the mounth of glory and and see his vision from high level aspect with love of God ,in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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