Worrying about worrying


(Still at cabin. Lots of pics. Our cabin is not on the river as the one photo suggests. That’s the Pine River just down the road.)

I’ve been posting about anxiety and worry for the past few days. I got to thinking this morning-could there be a possibility that for some people it’s the worrying about the worrying that is the problem?

Especially for those of us who lay claim to Christian beliefs?

We’re sure that if we we’re really trusting God, we wouldn’t worry. But we can use that logic for any area in our walk with God that is less than stellar. It’s not the same for everyone. We all have that one problem that we have to keep taking to God. At least with anxiety (which triggers the worry), there is a biological connection.

I wonder if all those verses in Scripture could also be interpreted as “Don’t worry about your worrying as long as you keep giving it to God.” Maybe we’ve made the guilt we feel over the worrying a bigger problem than just the worry itself.

We condemn ourselves for things God doesn’t, then we distance ourselves from Him right when we should be running to Him for the “rest” He promises in 1st John 3: 19 & 20.

Philippians 4:6 further promises that God guards our heart and mind when we rest in Him. To me that means that He keeps the Enemy at bay.

It’s something worth thinking about.

God bless and I hope you have a good day. Still at the cabin. Here’s some pics. The bunkhouse, La Cabinette, is the little building with the porch. It’s where I’m headed for my time with God.












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