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Would you believe I got sick AGAIN?

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I was diagnosed with “walking” pneumonia over three weeks ago. I never really felt that sick. Mostly just a horrible cough.

So I finished the antibiotics and I’m doing better.

I think.

Then, all of a sudden, Wednesday night, after feeling great all day, I started getting the chills. I shivered so violently and my teeth chattered so bad I thought I would break a tooth!  I piled the covers on me and was out for the next twelve hours.

We didn’t have a thermometer so I couldn’t take my temp but I know it was way up there.


So-o-o-o-because I still felt a little warm the next day, my husband purchased a thermometer.

The upshot?

I’m still running a temp, although it’s a low-grade one, nothing like the middle of the week.

Of course, Thanksgiving Day is in a few days and wouldn’t you know it, I’m hosting it this year.

But you know what? For once, I’m not in a panic. I used to make such a big deal about interruptions in my plans. But after years of listening to God, I’ve learned that unless someone has died, had a serious life-threatening medical diagnosis, or  if there’s a natural disaster, well—you get the idea, it’s not worth worrying about.

And since I started writing this earlier this morning, I’m starting to come around and feeling much better. No temp at the moment although cough is lingering.

Here’s a word of advice: If you contract even mild pneumonia, take it seriously.

As one of my doctor’s nurse told me, “You are in a weakened state. You can contract other diseases very easily.”

taking care of yourself


Apparently, I did.wry faceGod bless and have a good day.


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