christmas ornament

Ways to make your Christmas super special

Here’s my list of ten things to do in December:

Paying It Forward


There are so many ways to do this. Obviously, paying for someone behind you in-line at a drive-thru is one way many people choose. Some people pay for lay-a-ways. Or how about paying for a couple of past due  accounts at your library.

LET SOMEONE GO AHEAD OF YOU IN LINE (A tried and true one.)

SMILE MORE (An, easy obvious one.)

LEAVE AN ANONYMOUS GIFT (Here is an unusual suggestion. You still have time to do this.)

Make a small hand-made gift and leave it somewhere someone will find it. Like in a bathroom stall, a dressing room, a table in a restaurant. Do your best work.

A scarf, a piece of handmade jewelry, a Christmas ornament, a beautiful bookmark. . Something you would give to someone you know. Don’t cheapen it in any way.

Write a note and place in clearly on the package that makes it clear what this is and why you’re doing it.

You might try to write this:

“If you found this gift, it is for you. Everyone needs a nice surprise, an unexpected gift. If you can’t use this, don’t want it or need it, please give it to someone who does. This is just my way of “Paying it Forward”.  Merry Christmas and I hope you have a good day.”

Do I need to add that you don’t sign this? And, of course, no baked goods. Would you eat baked goods from a stranger. I wouldn’t.

Here’s some great “pins” to check out if you want to try this.


handmade jewerly

christmas ornament


christmas glasses diy



no-sew scarf

If you don’t want to go the hand-made way, buy something.

Old Navy has scarfs for under $5.00 dollars now. I can’t make them that cheap. Even “Under Five” has some cute things. Jo’Ann’s Christmas merchandise is reduced 70%. One can spend as little as $3.00-5.00 for a present. If you can’t afford to buy something, I’ll bet you can find something fairly new in your own home you can re-gift. In my eyes, re-gifting can be OK

as long as you give it real thought.

Yes, I know about ” suspicious packages” so make your gift obvious and not large.  Wrap it in Christmas paper so it looks like someone just forgot it. When they read your attached note, they will get it.

Also make sure the gift itself is transparent. By that I mean, make it something where all parts can be seen. You don’t want anyone wondering what might be tucked away inside something solid. (I hope I’m explaining this well enough.) 

Leave a note that says something to the effect:

“This is is for whomever (finds it. Everyone needs a surprise gift. If you can’t use it or don’t like it, pass it on.”  Yes, you take a chance that someone won’t like it or want it, but I honestly believe a person will pass it on if they don’t.

I would love to get a surprise like this.  Wouldn’t you?

BUY SOME GIFTS FOR YOUR LOCAL RESCUE MISSION. (In our community our rescue mission has two buildings: one for women and children and one for men. Take that into consideration.)


I have a personal bone to pick here. For months I had a handicap parking tab. I can’t tell  you how many times I couldn’t get a parking space because cars with no tags were parked there.

It is rude, thoughtless, inconsiderate and, might I add, AGAINST THE LAW!!! 

I haven’t actually left a note yet on a care yet because I haven’t had paper and pencil but I have considered calling the police. If you’ve worn as many braces as I have,  had as many foot surgeries as I have, and now a painful back situation, you’d know exactly why I feel the way I do.

Yes, I know the excuse, “They just had to run in for a minute.” Well, while that person was “just running in for a minute” a handicapped person might have also only needed to “run in for a minute”. But it ended up talking them a lot longer because they had to drive around to find a spot where they had enough room to could get their wheelchair out, walker, etc. ‘

As soon as this pain is gone, I will be one of those who park further out just so people who need to park closer, like the elderly, will have a spot. In fact, I can say I will love having that opportunity again. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t considering my history?  And not just at Christmas either.

(I had my back injection today and I’m praying hard this works.)

God bless and I hope you have a good day.